Tuesday, 26 May 2009

the cardiff weather

just can't seem to make it's mind up.it's been raining and it's been sunny,on and off...does my blog subject show that today has been rather dull?i've been drawing a lot in work,and it's gone quite fast.i got my secret diary of laura palmer book,and messaged an ebay seller to ask if my dress has arrived yet.i booked my tickets to go back to wolverhampton this weekend.an early train on saturday (7am) and a late arrival back in cardiff on the sunday (after 11pm).i'm looking forward to seeing my family.it's always too long between visits.i hope we can drive up there soon enough,the car is so much better than the train.i always miss mikee when i'm away from him,and of course the little men.it's just not the same curling up in bed without my little monsters squishing up to me.though it's probably for the best this weekend...they have fleas!!!!so i need to get some flea stuff to put on their skin,and some powder or something to put around the carpets and things.it's a major pain and i do wonder how they got them again...probably jake.that little jack russell was trouble!still cute in his own way though,bless him.and i'm feeling pretty darn itchy myself,tis not nice!


  1. baking soda would wok i reckong darling!!! add some cinnamon in it to make the house smell lvoely :D
    damn sight cheaper and better for the envirnment. i am talking carpets obviously LOL
    tis the time of year as well, summer is icky flea season. noooooo, plus with all that fluff on the boys. imagine what they would look like shaved? with massive pompom feet, heads and tails LOLOL hehehe

  2. like a lion hair cut?hehehehe x