Friday, 29 May 2009

amy winehouse


not me:

in a way i can't believe i'm writing a blog about this,but it is something that has been for around a year,the bane of my existence.i get called amy winehouse all the time.people yell it from cars,people walk past me and yell it,people ask me if my hair is real,and on a lot of occasions like today,people publically act like morons and won't drop it.i was in the beer garden at a wetherspoons pub in town,with my work friend jayne (who is awesome).i had a huge amount of stares when we sat down,but as i had done earlier with the girl who yelled "amy" out of the passenger seat of a passing car,i tried to ignore it.but not long after we had sat down and started chatting,i felt someone touch my shoulder.what the fuck?!it was a man from one of the staring tables.he then asked if i was an "amy winehouse impersonator" to which i asked had he not got any manners and has he ever seen amy winehouse dressed like i was?he carried on saying,well are you or not.this went on for a while.the moron.i basically let him have it,telling him that it was none of his business,that he was being very rude and that he should grow eventually passed but people's stupidity really gets to me.have they really got so little going in their lives,and brains,that they take the time to shout at strangers,or make a fool out of them in a crowded pub garden?we all must have times when we think things about peoples appearances,but most people have been brought up not to stare and not to be rude.sadly though,this number of intelligent people seems to be detiorating.i get a lot of abuse for my hair,even though it's not a beehive as amy winehouse's is,and i look nothing like her.really nothing.i would admit it it i did.she is skinny,i am a size 14.she has quite sharp features,i haven't.she has totally different and considerably a smaller amount of tattoos compared to me.i dress nothing like her.i also don't look worse for wear.i like her music but i don't feel any affinity to her and we have totally different lifestyles ie.i'm not into substances as she is/was.i have almost been punched by a grown man in the middle of a busy high street and i get heckled daily,all for having bigger hair than usual...i despair of this world.anyway,back to the pub.a lot of people clapped and agreed with me which i thought was awesome,really warmed my older lady asked if i was ok and that i looked lovely,and a couple nearby chatted to me saying what a dickhead that man was so nice to have some really was.i ended up having a lovely drink and chat with people i didn't even know,as jayne gets chatting to everyone,and about interesting's so nice just to chat to nice,genuine people.sadly though,as we walked through town ,i got a few more "amy"'s and one kid was constantly shouting it aggressively at me as i passed.luckily i managed to keep quiet,because i have had huge swear fits at people before,especially when i'm not in a great mood anyway.why do people do this?i keep on thinking of changing my hair,but i LOVE this hair.


  1. darling, i am so sorry for my lack of communicay the past few days :( i miss you :(:( i havent been online much at all, apart from nighttimes when u are asleep. also i am not going to be on myspace for a few days as a girl i am trying to excommunicate from my life keeps on messaging me on there (the girl whos profile u noseied and scared you)
    i wish i had your hair ;( i try my best to bloody backcomb my measly amount of thinness but it just deflates.
    fuck those bastards who have nothing better to do than hate on someone who is genuine and comfortable with themselves. if i was there i would have given that guy a pop in the chops and probably had us kciked out haha... so just as well i wasnt
    i lvoe youuuuuu xxxxx

  2. people are lame.. good for u for actually saying something.. i tell my friends just play the staring game see who can stare the longest.. people are weird.. and annoying they are always going to look that is just people no matter what.. although i get really annoyed half the time i am now trying to tell myself people are just stupid so i stare back now and it makes them feel very uncomfortable as they make me feel..