Thursday, 26 March 2009

blogs to be posted

next week aka. when i'm at work and need to fill the time up

Monday, 16 March 2009

bitey bite

Female 'vampire' dug up
An archaeological dig near Venice has unearthed the 16th-century remains of a woman with a brick stuck between her jaws - evidence, experts say, that she was believed to be a vampire.
The unusual burial is thought to be the result of an ancient vampire-slaying ritual.
It suggests the legend of the mythical bloodsucking creatures was tied to medieval ignorance of how diseases spread and what happens to bodies after death, experts said.


other news,my dentist just called and told me that i may need another filling (maybe that's why they still hurt so bad!?) and my wisdom tooth needs looking at...eeeeeeeeee:O

weekend photos

team junko at home!(but didn't get any photos of bambi!)

bela doing one of his favourite things,burrowing into the pillows.

me and my armless dolly!

flowers in our kitchen:)

mikee cooking up a vegan storm!

this is why i don't smile often...dorkalicious!

mikee looking like he's posing for the author photo of his very own cookbook...or something.

wonder if this picture conveys how i don't like that canvas in the background?

gypsies,tramps and thieves.....

bela does not like staying still for too long!

get bela to stay still finally

where's bela?on the junko bed of course<3


so after bailing out on seeing jo on thursday,and feeling pretty shit about it,i decided that i should definitely go with mikee to the active slaughter gig at the junction,in far as i knew they weren't really my kinda music,but i thought it'd be nice to go out we set out for bristol just after seven,as the doors opened at 8 and we thought the first band would probably be on at half 8.bristol is a hard place to find your way around!we were trying to follow the directions mikee got off google maps,and they kinda worked (we got to bristol city centre at least) but then we couldn't really figure the rest out,it didn't seem to correlate with the actual roads!so as mikee knew where to go from the fleece and firkin,we parked up there and walked the rest,which we also had to ask directions for!we had to walk through a dodgy subway area,and the area made me a little nervous as it looked a little rough,and mikee had been telling me on the car journey there about how rough bristol can be at night!anyway,we got to the junction okay and already playing were a band called two sick monkeys,who we'd seen before at tommy's bar in howard gardens in cardiff.i have to say i felt so out of place,as everyone there was patched up and very punk looking.and a lot of people seemed to know one another!situations like this bring the shyness out in me and i felt like everyone there was thinking,whats she doing here?!silly,i know.but it was also good to see that a lot of people had animal rights patches on.was real heartwarming!rejected were due to play next but apparently active slaughter wanted to play before them as they had to travel afterwards or something.remember i said i probably wouldn't like them?i really enjoyed the gig!they are well known supporters of animal liberation and are animal rights activists.their passion really made it an intense show,i loved them!their guitarist JJ is due in court soon to be charged for conspiracy against Huntington Life really is fucking awful!these kind of charges can mean a sentence in prison longer than that of rapists or killers!!!!up after active slaughter,were rejected,who mikee knows turned out to be a fun night,and afterwards mikee seemed dead happy:D always nice to see him smile,i love him so fucking much!
mikee watching active slaughter

Friday, 13 March 2009

boxing skeletons:)

i got my 3 little dia de los muertos boxing skellie's today!they're tiny!but awesome<3 i really need to get a little shelf put up so i can create a little day of the dead shrine.i have my religious one already,so it's time for a mexican themed one i think:)i spent a couple of hours late last ngiht tidying up our room and moving a few things round,it looks good:)mikee's drums still have nowhere to go unfortunately:( poor little drums...but i'm sure they're nice and cosy in our room.i love mikee's stuff being around,makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside:D and i felt bad when he was living out of boxes,tis not right!
i was meant to be going out last night to see jo for a little somthing to eat at hers.i was all set until my housemate lewis came in and told me that he and kim,merry and sammi,and jo and craig were going out.did i wanna go?n fucking really pissed me off for some reason.i think it was because lately i feel like lewis doesn't wanna socialise,which is silly because you should never just rely on your girlfriend/boyfriend.i understand it's a new thing for him,but it's not easy sharing a flat with people you get the feeling don't want you there.even if you pay half to live there anyway!also,sammi was very off with me the last time i saw her.all stems to me moving her down my friends list on myspace.silly,but i guess it can still hurt to feel you've been "demoted",even if it is just on myspace!BUT i had reasons.i don't hear from sammi very much at all.i still feel a little bit hurt at how things turned out,i don't like to give my all to a friendship and then realise that there may have been another motive to close to me so she could move in when hazel had left.also the way that things went with kate,both the admittance that she had slagged me off to old dopehead.and also that apparently sammi knew that fucking nightmare party was going ahead,as she told lewis/mikee (can't remember which!) that it was advertised on facebook the day before.a heads up would have been there are my reasons,and i stick by yeah,if you've been an amazingly sweet friend,and we have lots of great texts from each other and you text me to say hi,then you have a right to be mad at me for moving you down.but if you're not,then expect it a little.anyway,when me and sam and saffy were at the gatekeeper last week,we saw sammi.i made a lot of effort to smooth things over.but it takes two to fix ah well,i tried.back to why i felt pissed off though.i just knew that jo's going out later plans would affect our dinner.because you can't go to someone's to eat at 7pm,knowing they are going out to a club a few hours later,without feeling that they need you to leave so they can get ready.and i guess i felt miffed that the other plans had kinda crashed in on our dinner date that was arranged first.maybe non-intentional,but it got me in a bad mood and i cancelled.poor jo,i think she felt bummed but i assured her it wasn't her.just me being in a pissed off at people mood.i was gonna take muffins too.and apparently jo had got me a winter fruits kopparberg,bless her.ah well.i feel so antisocial lately and it doesn't feel good.i wish i didn't hate so many people at the moment!
feeling very disillusioned!hmmmm.

tonight though i may be going to a gig with mikee,not sure if he wants me to go as i'm not really into the band (they're called active slaughter)but it's a nice night out in bristol and we don't often go to gigs he's working all weekend so it'd be nice to see him tonight:)

Thursday, 12 March 2009


so my work blocked myspace (and facebook and msn,which i don't use anyhow) this sucks!even though when i do go online at home after work i can usually see that i've not missed anything,i still miss being able to check my myspace at work :( no lurking anymore between the hours of 9 and 5,bleh :S
i got another ps2 game today :D looks good and creepy!and apparently there's a dog in it<3

had another go on project zero last night and it did infact give me a few jumpy moments,which was fun!just stuck on a part know that involves either blagging through it and guessing the order of the japanese symbols to open the door...or just finding a cheat for it.i'm guessing option number two will be the best:)
i brought a lovely dress on ebay,got my payslip today and i have juts a little more than i thought so treated myself:) it was only £20 anyway,but it's still a lot for me to spend on one item when i could buy a few things at primark for that!it's a size 12 though,so we'll see if it fits.besides having the figure of a 12 year old boy,i still have trouble fitting into dresses,and even though other people think i'm fairly slim,i now find that i'm at least a size 12.which i'm fine with,but sometimes i see busty,curvy women who are the same dress size...and that's odd.

and lastly,i'd quite like a new tattoo....
was thinking last night of messaging eckel and asking if he could a wolf on the opposite side of my neck where he put my riding hood lady on...he's meant to be at the london convention.but i really don't know if i want that pain again for a very longtime.and infront of many people.
i LOVE this!"du-du-duhhh"

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ouch ouch ouch,another tooth down?

think i'm gonna have to have this tooth yanked out,it is still hurting!and i am still having to dose up on ibuprofen before i eat at times:( really makes you feel dad has always said to me,when me and my mom haven't got on,that her arthritus probably affects her moods terribly.he compares it to having toothache all the time.and this makes me feel awful,because i can't handle this pain in my teeth let alone all my body!so when i'm in pain,i usually feel worse because i think of my mom:( silent hill 2 game is faulty!it freezes a matter of minutes into the game:( the same happened with silent hill 3.damn ebay!so i've had my playstation 2 for a couple of weeks now and not really played on it much.i have project zero,which is a game where you are a japanese girl searching for her missing brother in this creepy old house.spirits attack you and you have only a camera to defend take a picture of them and it weakens is quite spooky and creepy but a little slow moving at the moment,not got very far...:/ on the other hand mikee is making good use of the ps2,he brough 3 GTA games yesterday and is enjoying laying carnage on innocent computer game people!
me and mikee are getting on so well lately:D we usually do,but our relationship is just getting better.i love him so fucking much,yesterday we popped for a quick drink to the buffalo bar in town with mikee's friend tom,and on the way back,as mikee and tom were walking in front of me and talking,i literally just though "wow,i love mikee so much."and i also noticed how hot he is!for me,he is perfect and i love it.i feel pretty darn lucky.and and and...he brought me an armless doll yesterday from the charity shop!<3apparently the woman asked him why he wanted to buy it (as she had no arms...creepy dolly discrimination?) and he said his girlfriend liked things like that,hehe:) she has a little red hood on her head and a cute little dress.she has crazy eyes and her head rattles when you shake it.she looks pretty vintage and old!i LOVE her!
oh and i emailed amanda toy yesterday to see if she was taking bookings for the london convention this year.wonder if i'll hear from her?

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

the teeth are still hurting

but on a good note,i have nine days off work to use up before the end of march!so that is freakin awesome!:)me and mikee and the boys are gonna go up to wolves and see my family :D which i can't wait for,and also hopefully go to london for the day which is something we've not done together yet!we're always cardiff based so it will be nice to be out and about.bringing the junko to london baby,haha.
so anyway,the teeth...yesterday i had to have three fillings,two of those being hugely deep (acording to the dentist lady).my teeth were in AGONY over the weekend so i was so relieved to be getting them seen to.the dentist injected my gums lots and fuck,it hurt!almost had tears rolling down my face:( once they were done she warned they may actually come out as they are SO deep,she really emphasised the deep part,and if that happened that she would have to take them i don't want the pain of that but more than anything i don't want to lose any more teeth yet...i already have enough gaps:( so i'm gonna try extra hard to eat new love is yogurt.cherry,vanilla,raspbery,yogurt with muesli...nomnomnom.strawberry is okay,but too conventional tasting if that makes sense?so no more chocolate bars for me!i think cake may be okay as it's soft?i always say i'm gonna take better care of my teeth but this time i've gotta stick to it!teeth pain sucks :/
after the dentist we decided to go for a little wander in penarth.we were gonna go to the beach but it was cold and chilly...and there were charity shops to go and rummage around!mikee found some good stuff,including a gravy train cd,which is such a random find in an oxfam!it's like when he found a scarling ep in one of the charity shops near crwys/albany road!i didn't find any pretty clothes,but i got a book called the house of leaves.i thought i recognised the name and i was indeed's the book that the (now finished) band johnny truant (whom i LOVE and am gutted called it a day)named themselves after one of the characters.i wonder if the tattoo artist called johnny truant got it from there also?hmmmm.i also saw a bootiful japanese tea set (cups and saucers,milk jug,teapot...all china i think,so delicate)that i wanted but £15 seemed a bit much,especially as i was scared i'd drop and break them,they were so fragile!
after the charity shop pillaging we popped to blockbuster,where it was 4 for £10 dvds:D this made me happy!i got funny games (us),the exorcism of emily rose,saw V,and disturbia.i saw the exorcism of emily rose while eating my tea last night (which was meat free meatballs,fresh egg pasta,mushroom sauce and melted cheese,nummy...the doggy's nummed it too!)and it was AWESOME!it had deb from dexter in it<3 and tom wilkinson,who i loved in the last kiss and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.the film was so creepy but not cheesy,and the possession was scary!but awesome scary!i loved it<333
so my day was great yesterday,apart from getting home at dinnertime to not see the poo the two little men had done,so when i opened my bedroom door it smeared it all over the carpet!cleaning up dogpoo is not fun at all,the smell was horrendous!i am definitely gonna be more cautious next time i enter my bedroom!