Friday, 30 July 2010


I watch a lot of films. These are the ones I have seen lately...

The first time I saw Shutter Island, I streamed it online (though I wish I had seen it at the cinema now!) and the quality was so bad I gave up on it, and wasn't left with much of an impression. But I watched it again last week, and absolutely loved it! I love the way it is filmed, the story, the cast... The scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams are so emotional and dreamily shot... and Mark Ruffalo is always brilliant (loved him since Eternal Sunshine). I couldn't recommend seeing this more... and I think I'm gonna try read the book it was based on (written by Dennis Lehane).

Well, this was one I brought really cheap (I got a load of indie type films from the carboot sale we go to most Sundays for just £1 each). I knew it wouldn't be anything high action or epic in any way... and it was okay. I did like it, but it didn't really grab my attention. Having said that I do like understated films, and ones that feel more real than film... so this was good, but nothing beyond that really.

One word: underwhelmed. I liked Batman Begins, though I've never been much of a comic book/superhero/antihero fan. But I did like the first Batman with Christian Bale (despite that voice...). However this just dragged for me. It didn't hold my attention at all. And it was way too long. However, I have to agree with everyone here. Heath Ledger was phenomenal as Joker... amazing.

LOVED this. Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhall are two of my favourite actors... I loved the gentle tones of the film, and the story behind it. I relate so much to films about loners and such people... I feel like I am that trpe of person. And witht his films deep meanings and humour, it was really meant for me. Reminded me a bit of Year of The Dog, though obviously a different plot... if that makes sense!

So, that's what I've seen lately! I have a pile of films to see, some of them quite obscure to me until now (Candy, Sylvia, Frida)and also some boxsets, OC Season 1 and 2, and Carnivale Season 1. I have always thought I'd like the OC (despite how unrealistic it is... but maybe that's why people love it? Pure escapism for most people...) and when I brought these two boxsets and Dark Water on dvd for £5 (crazy prices at car boots sales!), I was so pleased! I also brought Carnivale last weekend for only £2 (looks in perfect condition too), and that's another series I've always meant to watch.

Has anyone on here got any recommendations for me? x

Light heartedness

After my post on that dark (and gross) Chuck P story Guts, I thought a nice cheery post of things I currently like would be fun :)

I love both Danzig and Michale Graves eras of Misfits <3

Hahahahaha! Ha! This made me laugh so much! I saw someone post on Facebook that a Titanic 2 was out (turns out it's a low budget, nothing-to-do-with-THE-Titanic, version) so I google image searched posters out of curiousity and this came up! I love how it's been made to look really sinister! I'm a huge Titanic fan (though haven't seen it for a long time) and this made me laugh a lot!

True Blood Season 3... WOW. It's just getting better and better. And I'm loving seeing all the characters from the books coming into it!

Back onto Leo again... He is really on fire at the moment! I used to adore him when I was younger (Titanic, Romeo and Juliet...). He seemed to disappear for a little while, but his last 2 films, Shutter Island and Inception are amazing. And he is just an amazing actor. Phew.

WIGS! I have been loving on wigs lately, though a little uneasy about actually wearing them... my hair extensions and hairpieces are kinda fake enough for me, so I think I will pass on wearing a wig. But they do look amazing, and I know my own hair will never look that good!

Friday, 23 July 2010


I have started reading a book by Chuck Paluhniuk called Haunted. I knew I had started to read this at some point, but had forgotten I'd read at least a few chapters of it. So now I have read the story Guts twice... it's not nice, but it's pretty awesome. To evoke so much talk and disgust about one of the parts of your book surely shows what an awesome writer you are? I think I will start reading more Chuck...

Anyway, last night, I went out for something to eat with the lovely Tanaz. We went to a place in town called La Vita, which is known for being probably the only pizza place in Wales (that's quite a grand statement!) to use vegan cheese if asked. So I rang ahead the other day to see if they needed me to let them know to get vegan cheese in. They said they had some in anyway. So last night as we go to order food, they say they haven't got any. Bummer. But anyway, it was still a lovely pizza and food in general, and it was lovely to spend time with Tanaz again. After we had eaten there, we then went to Buffalo Bar(where Vintage Pretty is held)which was nearer to where Tanaz was parked (and just minutes away from home, as I live a 5 minute walk from town). It was such a lovely evening! I think also it's good to get out as it makes you appreciate the time you have at home more.

This post is so random... and I don't really have much to say, but I thought I would try!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010


I haven't been overly motivated lately to blog, and I'm not sure why. But I am going to try, because I am very lucky to have you lovely blog followers, and you must be pretty bored by my lack of posts lately.

Last week I actually dragged myself out of the house and went to see some friends... this is a rarity for me! I'm in no way a recluse, but if I am going out and about, it's usually with Mikee. But I decided that I should make a whole lot more effort with my friends who I know from the fairs we all do/Facebook. I'm so glad I made the effort... On Wednesday I was invited round the lovely Emily and Ari's house for something to eat. I know these two ladies from Vintage Pretty, and they are so so sweet!

Emily cooked some amazing food (vegan friendly!) and it was all so delicious. James was also there, he sells vintage clothing under the name of Dod's Vintage, and he knows Emily and Ari too. Their housemate Damien was also there, and it was so nice just to have a chat. I stayed pretty late and had such a nice time. It's so awesome to meet such lovely people, especially when you've had a few iffy moments with 'friends' for the last couple of months.

Thursday I met Tanaz (also a seller at my fairs). We had a couple of drinks in a cool bar in town called 10 Feet Tall, which is going to be the new venue for Vintage Pretty after this months. After that I popped to see Mikee just across the road doing the sound for a gig. I know it sounds sad but I like watching him work, especially as it all looks so complicated... I have no idea what he's doing! Haha.

Mikee was due to go camping with his friend on Friday, and as I had a driving lesson (the neverending driving lessons continue...) I said goodbye to him before I went. But when I got back he was still there. I thought maybe his friend had cancelled, but Mikee had actually fallen down the stairs and aggravated a recurring injury with his knee. I know I'm evil, but the thought of Mikee tumbling down the stairs did make me giggle... I'm awful! So, as he was stuck in now, we got an AMAZING (so amazing it needed caps lock) Indian takeaway and watched a film (Book of Eli - I was pretty underwhelmed).

Saturday was more staying in so Mikee could rest up. I made an actually really nice dinner (I surprised myself!) of rice, masala flavour potato wedges and the leftover sauces from the previous night (tadka daal and saag aloo), and we finally watched Superbad. I knew I'd love it, and I did! Michael Cera was awesome, Jonah Hill was good in his aggressive way, McLovin was amazing (haha) and the cops just totally stole the film... loved it! Especially the tale of drawing dicks on everything as a child!

Sunday Mikee and I went to see Inception. It. Was. Amazing. I really loved it, and pretty much everyone I've heard who has seen it loves it too. I used to adore Leonardo DiCaprio (I even had a little scrapbook of him when he was in Titanic... hey, I take my crushes seriously!), and he was brilliant in this. Actually all of the actors were... it was mindblowing. And so weird to see 'Juno' in a serious film, hehe. I would totally recommend you go see it if you haven't already.

So, thats what I've been up to really. I've also been buying up a storm on Etsy (I'm getting addicted) as I've decided to start selling jewellery again on the Santa Macabre stall. It's been a little quiet lately with sales so I'm hoping the jewellery makes it a bit busier! And it's so much fun buying cameos and other pretty bits and bobs!

Tonight, straight after work, I am off to see Eclipse for the third time! A few women at work were going and I couldn't really not tag along now... especially as it's Bargain Tuesday at Cineworld!

Oh, and speaking of vampires... I am loving True Blood right now! Franklin Mott is so so funny! I wasn't sure of his character at first (I'm sure he wasn't mentioned as much in the books... my memory is awful, but I am on book 9 so it seems ages ago!) but he's really weird and funny, I love his strange infatuation with Tara!

And I have to link you to this super funny post on Twilight's Bella... I adore Bella (and KStew!) but this post is kinda pretty true, and the Twitarded ladies are so funny at saying what we Twilight fans are all thinking!)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ok, so... Eclipse (maybe don't read if you don't wanna see spoilers!)

Where do I start? Let's try this...

Eclipse was amazing, is amazing, amazes me in how amazing it is.

I saw it on the preview weekend (Saturday 2nd July)and then again on the Sunday just gone. I was absolutely blown away. It could not have been more perfect for me if it tried. I love Twilight. I love New Moon. I love Eclipse. David Slade did such an awesome job of it. Eclipse had darkness, it had humour, it had romance... and of course it had vampires and wolves.

I thought all the acting in it was amazing (though Taylor Lautner, Jacob, really stepped up his game). Not that he wasn't a brilliant Jacob before, but in Eclipse he is magnificent. I believe he is Jacob, and I believe all of his emotions.

The scenes between Jacob and Bella were stunning... and when Bella tells Jacob to kiss her... even the emotion in her voice was perfect. I still felt my heart break for Edward at that moment, what could be worse to know the person you love also loves someone else... even if they love you "more"?

Now I've come to write about my views on Eclipse, I can't really put it into words. How weird is that? Some people might think, "come onnnn... it's just a film!" But the Twilight films have a profound effect on me, I truly adore them and the books just as much. Films that I love, well I REALLY love them.

As a super crazed Twilight fan (hehe) I really can't recommend Eclipse enough... even for people not really into it.

Sigh.... <3

Friday, 9 July 2010

Eclipse and not much else

I am obsessed with Eclipse, this is true. So, when I get my blogging hat back on, I will tell you just how perfect I found Eclipse to be.

And maybe update you a little on my life, haha. But if you wanna see what has been keeping me busy besides Eclipse (seen as I've only seen it once so far, ok so twice if you count my streaming it online, AFTER I'd seen it at the cinema), here's some pictures.

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Absolutely perfect.