Friday, 30 July 2010


I watch a lot of films. These are the ones I have seen lately...

The first time I saw Shutter Island, I streamed it online (though I wish I had seen it at the cinema now!) and the quality was so bad I gave up on it, and wasn't left with much of an impression. But I watched it again last week, and absolutely loved it! I love the way it is filmed, the story, the cast... The scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio and Michelle Williams are so emotional and dreamily shot... and Mark Ruffalo is always brilliant (loved him since Eternal Sunshine). I couldn't recommend seeing this more... and I think I'm gonna try read the book it was based on (written by Dennis Lehane).

Well, this was one I brought really cheap (I got a load of indie type films from the carboot sale we go to most Sundays for just £1 each). I knew it wouldn't be anything high action or epic in any way... and it was okay. I did like it, but it didn't really grab my attention. Having said that I do like understated films, and ones that feel more real than film... so this was good, but nothing beyond that really.

One word: underwhelmed. I liked Batman Begins, though I've never been much of a comic book/superhero/antihero fan. But I did like the first Batman with Christian Bale (despite that voice...). However this just dragged for me. It didn't hold my attention at all. And it was way too long. However, I have to agree with everyone here. Heath Ledger was phenomenal as Joker... amazing.

LOVED this. Will Ferrell and Maggie Gyllenhall are two of my favourite actors... I loved the gentle tones of the film, and the story behind it. I relate so much to films about loners and such people... I feel like I am that trpe of person. And witht his films deep meanings and humour, it was really meant for me. Reminded me a bit of Year of The Dog, though obviously a different plot... if that makes sense!

So, that's what I've seen lately! I have a pile of films to see, some of them quite obscure to me until now (Candy, Sylvia, Frida)and also some boxsets, OC Season 1 and 2, and Carnivale Season 1. I have always thought I'd like the OC (despite how unrealistic it is... but maybe that's why people love it? Pure escapism for most people...) and when I brought these two boxsets and Dark Water on dvd for £5 (crazy prices at car boots sales!), I was so pleased! I also brought Carnivale last weekend for only £2 (looks in perfect condition too), and that's another series I've always meant to watch.

Has anyone on here got any recommendations for me? x


  1. I love stranger than fiction! Ugh, Maggie Gyllenhaal is amazing! And Will Ferrell breaks my heart every time I watch it!

  2. Oooh I love stranger than fiction, the bit where he buys her flours makes me cry. I also love it when he sings. I think it goes in my top movie list.

    I really want to see shutter island. Leo has really done some great movies over the last few years.

    I enjoy the OC but then again it might because I shamefully have a massive crush on Adam Brody (Seth).

  3. If you ever want to read Shutter Island let me know, I've got the novel and it's awesome! I'm one of those geeks that always likes to read the novel too, and then compare and's the English Literature geek in me!