Tuesday, 30 June 2009

teeth again pain again

i was off work again today,due to me spending most of last night curled up in bed with killer tooth pain.it sucked because mikee had planned for us to have an 80s film night;big,uncle buck and commando.i only got through 3/4 of big...oh i do love that film.but by then i had to go to bed,the pain was unbearable.
luckily after i'd finished work a little earlier on we had popped to the park in town for a bit which was lovely.we ate some chips and just relaxed.well,until some loser walked too close to us and bambi jumped at his leg and tried to bite it:S i did apologise for it,but this man and his two friends seemed to purposely walk so close to us as if to be intimidating.i thought there was going to be trouble,and that was before bambi went for him.so when the man snarled that he would kill bambi,i told him not to be a wanker and that maybe he shouldn't walk so close to people.bambi can be naughty but people should be wary of strange dogs,they can't just walk right next to them and assume the dog won't get scared or freaked out.i got called a slut for my troubles and they walked on.afterwards i felt really bad.i never think before i speak in these sitauations and i should.so many bad things happen nowadays,just out the blue,and i shouldn't take people on.it's not worth it.and when i realised that i could have gotten mikee in trouble,as this man was with two friends,i felt so bad.i'm too mouthy sometimes.
well anyway...so i went to the local emergency dentists today who told me what i expected,that my lower wisdom tooth is causing this horrendous pain,and that i would have to get to the emergency dental department at the hospital.which is what i thought.my wisdom tooth is actually growing towards the front of the mouth,as opposed to towards the roof of my mouth as they normally do.oh,and it's also decayed apparently.they said the procedure could involve cutting the gum open and maybe even drilling through the bone?!therefore the hospital is best equipped for that.bring on the pain and awful procedure if it means i get rid of this pain i've had for months now.so now i just need to get to the hospital for 7.30am tomorrow and hope there are tickets left,as it is first come first served.fingers crossed.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

surprise saturday #2

the second part of the day that mikee had conjured up was a barbecue in sophia gardens in cardiff.it is a huge park that we've both never been to...it was so lovely.except bam and bela were their usual grumpy selves,barking at any dogs that came near!a gorgeous little bichon frise really wanted to come over to say hello,but was eventually deterred by our two little terrors:( so we cooked vegan sausages on the barbecue,ate all of them,and had a gorgeous time!unfortunately it was cut short as mikee got some grass/dirt in his eye,leading to a lot of pain and a search for the toilets so he could swill his eye out!my hayfever then decided to act up(sympathy pains?!) and my eyes were in agony!home time we decided.we were maybe going to see misfits in newport on the evening,but mikee's friend (the club promoter) didn't get back to us about being on the guest list as promised...and £17 each to get in just wasn't an option,plus we were both exhausted from our day out!
*nb.my camera phone was constantly fucking up and not taking pictures,hence why i'm not looking at the camera in the pic with bela...just expected it not to take!!!i need a nice new camera...any suggestions anyone?

Saturday, 27 June 2009

surprise saturday #1

mikee did something really sweet yesterday and planned a surprise day for me:)he knows i like it when we go places,and that i like castles,so he took me to castle coch in cardiff."coke" not "cock" as i thought was amusing to keep on saying.after going past the exit for the place three times,we finally got there,and i LOVED it.i'm a lucky girl to have mikee <3

Thursday, 25 June 2009

to all that follow me....

i am honestly touched that you would want to read my ramblings!!!xxxxx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

oh, okkkkkkkk


i'm still in agony with my gums/lack of teeth.this must be near it's fourth or fifth month by now.countless dental appointments,emergency dental hospital appointments (one even when i went home for the weekend...and on fathers day!),lots of painkillers (which i'd rather not have to take because of the testing side of it,sigh),lots of tears,curling up in a ball,feeling shitty,snapping at mikee and being in awful pain.who'da thought teeth could do all this?even though i gave up chocolate long before i became vegan,i can't eat most sweets and don't anyway,hell i can't even have ginger nuts at the moment because they're too hard for my teeth...the pain is barely subsiding.so i went to the chemist to finally give clove oil a try,and it was shut,so i will have to try later.anyway,reading the wiki article above,i noticed that 1.i shouldn't have been drinking through a straw (which i have been),2.should have kept the socket covered with some kind of dressing (which i haven't) and 3.the contraceptive pill can contribute towards the condition of dry socket.i wasn't told any of this.pretty bad that i had to find out from wiki.all i can do is hope this pain goes away,because it's zapping my ability to smile and be halfway near cheery.


Tuesday, 23 June 2009

bad letter day

in the post today:
a letter telling me my second smear test result came back abnormal (again) and that i need to have a colposcopy.looked it up on the internet,and read the leaflet they enclosed...sounds damn horrible :S
and then a letter from cardiff council telling me they are taking me to court for an unpaid bill of £83.it is from when sammi and i lived downstairs,told her i need her half.so we shall see.
oh well.

i be needing one of these

a la stepbrothers

Monday, 22 June 2009

new herrrrr

feral cats...

they are so cute and awesome,they deserve an entry all of their own.bless their little souls,the farmer across from my moms refuses to feed them so they are starving and will catch and kill mice on the farm.farmers can be cruel bastards.there's a few cats around the area,sometimes they look okay,often they look skinny and their fur doesn't look great:(luckily my mom,and some other neighbours,feed them when they can.because they're feral they don't want strokes and affection,they want foooooood.but i do feel sad that these beautiful little creatures have nowhere they can curl up inside by the fire when it's cold and raining outside.they always nuzzle up to each other when they come up to my moms back door,its so cute to see.sometimes they even come in,which luckily my moms cat suzie doesn't see...she wouldn't be a happy kitty.


i'm pretty sure i will need to come back to the topic of my dad (as this post is about the weekend i spent at home for father's day) at some point.he is my rock.i would be lost without him.he is the best friend and the best father i could ever hope to wish for.but it would take a whole blog entry on it's own to even try put that into words!but this weekend i went back to see family.it's strange,having started to use the trains again,it feels like mikee drivingus never happened.i remember saying how lucky i felt to be driven there and back,and that i wouldn't use the trains again,after a year or so of using them EVERY weekend.but now i'm back on the trains (as the car needs servicing or something or other)it's not too bad.just miss having mikee and the boys with me.though i do feel like a mommy having a break from the kids for the weekend!the weekend was lovely and consisted of the usual,charity shop shopping and seeing my family.we're very much a small family,never really mixed with the extended family.which is fine by me,as unfortunately my moms brother and sister are idiots,and i just don't really know my dad's side.speaking of family,a lot of the weekend was sad.my nan turns 94 today.she has a good support system.my dad has been going everyday for YEARS,now his sister is back living in the area,she goes down often(though not often enough)and her daughters also do a lot for my nan.but my nan...her age means that she has pretty much lost her way of thinking.she seems to be in another world now,and cannot manage to do the smallest thing.the worst part of this weekend,is seeing that she doesn't know who my dad,her son,is.it has obviously broken his heart and i think it's really sunk in now that it may not be long.in a way i wish for it,because my nan is living no kind of a life,she needs a release.she is such a strong woman but you obviously can't avoid old age.

one of the views from the train, i think somewhere near chepstow/bristol,england

vegan flapjack and a book (the pig who sang to the moon by jeffrey masson)...lovely

my mom's cat suzie,just chillin'

one of many pictures i took of the feral "farm" cats that my mom feeds,the one in the background,we know him/her as "pretty cat".my mom came up with that,which i think is cute:)pretty cat looks a tad zombified in this pic,thats catfood he/she has on her chin:)
this weekends charity shop treasures...

and i got this for sam...tis a little iron owl,to put a hot drink or teapot on i think...twit twoooooo<3


nice weekend in wolverhampton with family,though all is not well unfortunately.i am so tired i need bed,and i will say my usual prayers.i may be what would be considered a "lapsed catholic" but i still believe in something more than what we are.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

shopping now vegan

i wish i had taken a pre veganism photo of my food shopping,but here's the new menu of shopping,and i'm loving it!

and considering how much of a sweet tooth i used to have (my months of tooth pain has put an end to that!),i am amazed at the lack of sweet stuff there!there's another area that veganism is benefitting me.the only biscuits i can usually buy now are oaty biscuits and ginger nuts.wanna hear how crazy my teeth and gums are?they are currently in agony from eating said ginger nuts...because they're hard,crunchy biscuits!oh dear!
this was the night sky as we were leaving tesco...pretty colours...kinda looks apocalyptic though?

so bela had his op

and i was surprised at how sad i felt when i saw him.just as i turned the corner coming home from work i saw mikee carrying him into the house.they'd put a plastic cone around his neck(bela,that is!)so he wouldn't keep trying to pick his stictches out,which he still continued to attempt!he looked so little and sad:( it was the same when fern,and then bam,had their neutering op.they came back as though their soul had been sucked out,strange:( bela seems to be doing okay and has been eating a little and playing with bam,but the cone is hindering him,can't wait to take it off!his tummy and "that area" look very sore and he has three big stitches.i know he needed to have it done,with the neutering side of it,and due to the bigger risk of getting testicular cancer as one of them was still stuck up inside him,but i did feel bad...apparently when mikee picked him up from the vets,bela gave him quite the cold shoulder.but at least he's home now and it's done with...he just has to have his stitches out in 10 days.lets hope it isn't like when i took bam to have his stitches out,and the vet told me that bam had already picked them out himself!wish i wasn't away this weekend,will be even more worried about leaving the family,what with bela being in such a fragile state!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

my ebay treasure find

love it!

bela's op is today

he is being neutered today,but it is slightly more complicated as one of his *ahem* balls is up inside him still so they have to make 3 incisions to do the procedure.i hate to think of my little baby conked out on an operating table!i can't wait to cuddle him (gently) when i see him tonight (i don't finish work until 7pm,bleh)