Thursday, 29 October 2009

people with passion

i love them.anyone who has no interests,or people who do nothing with their time, well i can't understand that.
it makes my heart feel warm to see that people live for the things they love.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

it's wednesday morning

it always feels odd when i have a monday off work,everything seems to get put back a feels like tuesday...anywho,it seems to be a habit lately where i don't blog much.or i do blog and do insanely long paragraphs(as i've been told!),but hey,this ain't no english essay so i will most likely forget all about paragraph etiquette soon enough.
so!saturday was the west midlands vegan festival.and i had been working A LOT towards this day!i wasn't sure i would sell much.i guess that's a trait of my lack of self-confidence,but also that it was a vegan festival and i thought what i had to sell may be more 'craft fair style'.but,as i have previously blogged,i made money!and i almost sold out!how crazy is that?!it's fair to say i'm super stoked now though,and am really going to up the ante on what i make now!quality more than quantity i'm thinking!my dad asked me what the best seller that day was,but it's hard to say as everything seemed to be liked equally!however,the sock monkeys sold out in like half an hour...okay,so there were only 3,but still..!it tickled me when i had a quick walk round later on in the day (to get some delicious food)and i spied a sock monkey peeping out of a girls bag.oh hai sock monkey spawn of mine!:D
i was in wolves until monday,so after the busy and tiring(but awesome!)saturday,i spent a lot of time chilling out and going to the pub with my dad!good times:)
monday evening,i travelled back to cardiff.i miss my boys when i'm gone!it was lovely to kiss mikee hello,i spent time over the weekend thinking how much i love him,and how lucky i am to have him<3
a weekend away is good for the soul i think...getting to see family,and to have time to miss your loved's good.makes you appreciate everyone a little more,and to appreciate what you have,rather than what you don't have.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


i have A LOT of blogs to catch up on,a lot of blogs to write,and a lot of other stuff to do...eeek.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

quick update on the vegan festival

donated £100 to the birmingham hunt sabs.met lots of lovely people.sold all items apart from a few hairbows and ONE stoked...and BIG plans for my little company now i know that people like what i'm doing.will update betetr when i'm home x

Friday, 23 October 2009

.paperdoll.pretties. practice run!

so i thought i would try laying out the items i am selling tomorrow at the fair,i think our little kitchen table is a little smaller than the space i will have tomorrow(yep,my stall will be pretty tiny!)but it was nice to see that i've definitely done enough!in fact i'm gonna have to see how i can fit the rest of the stuff on there!

Thursday, 22 October 2009


hoping my blog writing isn't messing up lots of other people if the paragraphs are too long!guess i just let all "rules" go when writing on here,i like to write as i think.which in itself can be confusing,so at least that seems to be translating well!

saw 6...want to see.though i have the feeling it may be shit,if saw 5 is anything to go by (which i still need to replace...).

and i meant big man japan in my last post.and not big man tokyo.loser.haha x


so i have some time to blog finally!it's not even like i haven't been on the internet for ages,to be honest when i am on i'm mainly on facebook!and to think i despised it previously.i still do hate the government connections,but besides that,it is pretty fun and simple to use.if it wasn't for nobody being on myspace anymore i probably wouldn't have reactivated my very old and neglected facebook account...but twitter is crap (tried it for a week or so and got a little bored with it),and there's nobody to chat to on myspace anymore!except maybe scene kids with initials in brackets after their name.ha!so for now,i'm digging facebook.i've been in touch with some old school friends,most of whom i deleted a few days after,as they didn't speak and neither did i.i don't like looking back,so i'm in no rush at all to rekindle friendships from when i was 16.unfortunately i just didn't make any long lasting friendships back then,even though i loved their company at the time.
and besides facebook,i've been busy...although most of the "busy" being at home!i've basically been coming from home after work,having an hour chill-out and then getting to work on items for my stall this week at the vegan festival.i did almost start to freak out,but last night i relaxed a little as i could see that i did in fact have quite a lot to take with i spent a few hours going over all my items,checking that they were all neat and tidy (i'm a messy girl with glue!)and popping price tags on them.i have tried to price them pretty low,as i'm not sure how many people will really be into what i'm doing.if it was a craft fair i think i may sell more,but as it's a vegan fair and my items aren't vegan based (they are 100% vegan,though not necessarily vegan influenced...not quite sure how to explain!)i may find that i don't sell much.but i would love to as i am donating the proceeds to the birmingham hunt sabs.i am planning to keep my train fare as i am having to make a special trip back to do it,and i could do with getting my £30 back as things are a little tight at the moment!so anyway,i will be able to blog about how the fair went after saturday...fingers crossed!
and besides that,i haven't done an awful lot!i saw my family over the weekend in wolves which was fab (although i missed mikee and bambi and bela!),although my twin brother is having relationship problems right now and it's sad.sad as i know how stressful it can be.but also sad as it may mean i don't see my brother's (now ex?) girlfriend again.we've never chatted much,but she's always seemed a lovely girl and i hate to think of how she's feeling right now:(
and finally,i have been loving seeing new films this month!to finish my blog,i will list what i have watched...and what i thought!<3

500 days of summer...loved it!i love films like this,they always warm my heart.
dead girl...creepy and a little tough to get into but ultimately good!
jennifer's body...pretty good,though megan fox doesn't do it for me,can't really see the fascination with her at all.lame.
halloween 2...i went to see this at the cinema with was pretty good,but rob zombie's films don't really move me much,besides thinking "oh,this is creepy"
paranormal activity...oh my!this film is being advertised as being "the new blair witch project".i can see the similarities...hand held camera,only a few characters,documentary feel,CREEPY AS FUCK.i had to keep stopping what i was doing as i watched it last night (i'm usually making/sewing/crafting something when watching films) was so scary and so creepy.i loved it.i really did.and for the first time in years,i felt a bit weirded out being in a dark flat after watching it.go see this.or,ahem,stream it.
nick and norah's infinite playlist...micheal cera <3 he's awesome!
big man tokyo...literally saw some of this on my lunch break was kinda bizarre,but what i saw of it i really loved! first i wasn't sure what to make of it.but having seen it twice now,and having had time to think it over,i really like it.obviously it wouldn't compare to donnie darko...but it has a special charm all of it's own.and the soundtrack (by ed harcourt)is of my favourites being 'the carnival is over' by dead can dance.

anywho!i think that is it for me.i feel super tired and much as i've enjoyed being busy busy with preparations for the festival,i will be glad when it's over.i'm a little nervous as it's only me on the stall all day!but i'm hoping i will be fine once i've got over having to go in there and set up alone!lonesome times,hehe x

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

dear blog

i am currently overwhelmed with things to do in time for the vegan festival on saturday.and i am tired.and feeling a little ill(it seems to be getting everyone!).and it is nearly 1am.i promise to be a better blogger as soon as the festival is done. x

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

i have them!

my new moon tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAO JUSTINE!!!!!!!!!!


so much to do

for next weekend....jhjghgnbnvm,nm,n,mhkgfgdgd!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

new pictures,file under:random

mikee's birthday

mikee turned 27 yesterday!as the laptop i brought for him was his main present,i only got him a couple of small gifts as i'm pretty broke until payday(which is this week luckily!).i got him two dvds:tokyo zombie(japanese shaun of the dead apparently)and zombie honeymoon(which looks a little lame,but was pretty cheap anywho,and i knew mikee hadn't seen it already).i also made him a sock monkey of his very own,though i haven't got a picture of it yet!in the day he visited his mom,while i was at a personal safety training course for work.and then in the evening we went for a few drinks in buffalo bar in's pretty pricey there(well by my standards,i don't believe in going to pricey places usually!)but we had an awesome time.mikee was a little worried that no-one would turn up(it was just us two and his friend tom by then)but when we got there 4 of his friends were there waiting,which i thought was quite sweet!he seemed relieved and chuffed that they'd turned up:)our friend merry also came along later,it was nice to see him as it had been ages!i think everyone brought mikee at least one drink so he ended up VERY drunk(never seen him that drunk before!)and i probably drank a little too much too.but we had a great laugh and had some yummy noodles from wok to walk.we were home and in bed around 12am and seen as i had work the next day,it turned out to be a pretty perfect night.some pictures...

mikee and merry


mikee,merry,me(oh dear lord!i look so awful!time to get rid of the impossible emo side fringe i think!and maybe not grimace like that...haha!)

ben and mikee

drunk mikee!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

tears tears tears

well,today has been upsetting to say the least.i happened to be messing around on my facebook and saw that this girl(who i've mentioned a few times,the one who never text me to rearrange meeting after we hadn't talked for a long time)had arrnaged a girls night out with about 6 of her friends.this hurt because i felt so forgotten and i just came to realise that i needed to tell her this,and delete her from my facebook friends..i told her exactly how i felt.i didn't insult her,didn't have a go at her but just laid it out straight.i had tried so hard to patch things up,apologised for my part in our friendship breaking down,but obviously she didn't want to try again.i was hoping she wouldn't reply and did think it would probably be best not to read it if she did,as i was feeling pretty shitty and fragile as it was,and i remembered how awful she was last i thought i could be nasty...i can honestly say i have never met anyone with a vicious tongue like her.the response i got was a long basically told me some of these things: that i'm hard to talk to,i'm over sensitive,i'm childish for my age and that everyone knows that.she proceeded to list about ten friends she DID care for,ie. she didn't care for me (which i'd kinda realised already!).she then went on to say that with my message i'd given her more to talk to her friends with about me.she also said she wouldn't have noticed i'd deleted her if i hadn't told her.well,fuck,all this was like a big punch in the stomach.she picked everything she could to hurt even more.and fuck,it did.i was almost hysterical,and mikee had to try and comfort me.this girl has made me feel so invisble and disliked,i keep remembering what she said,it keeps running through my head.mikee wouldn't let me reply to that,or the further text she sent me.he said that not replying would annoy her more.we went and had a nap,but it took a while to calm me down.did i overreact?she was so cruel,picking on things like indicating "they" all have fun talking about me,that she didn't even give a shit to notice if i was on her facebook friends...
i don't even really want to write anymore,it's really cut deep.i'm far from perfect,i really am.but i've always tried to be a good person,and sure i've probably slipped along the way.and for once,i didn't get personal in this argument,i didn't even use swearing in my message.i even wished her luck in the future.but whatever,i should have known not to send it.but then i thought she'd go off on me not telling her why and just doing it.seems like i can't win.
after my nap,i feel better.i don't need her cliques and scenes,her social drugs and fucking around,her guilty little secrets and her aroogance.i don't need someone who lists their friends off to make themselves feel better.i don't need her.and i'm ok now.but it's gonna take a while to erase those words from my just kinda made me think my thoughts about not being good enough are true.

wok to walk!

mikee took us for dinner at the newish place,wok to walk in cardiff city centre.and i loved it!it only came to £11ish for the both of us,and i loved eating in there,it was something different to what we usually do (ie.not eat out),and it was really yummy too!i had the wholewheat noodles with tofu and saigon sauce(garlic and black pepper),mikee had the same but with the hot sauce.the tofu was delicious and the noodles were tasty too!i think it is safe to say i intend to eat there again!lewis had bumped into us shortly before that,so he tagged along.he didn't have anything to eat as he was broke.but then that's what you get for spending over £100 on a halloween outfit!a character from the walking dead comics apparently!it was nice to spend some time with lewis.we used to be housemates,then i moved upstairs and we were flatmates.we had a big bust up,which also lost me another friend along the way,but we made it up not long ago.i'm glad to say it was me who initiated the making up.i can be an arse,but i'm not afraid to say sorry.the other friend who had been pretty pissed off with me (though i was definitely not the only one to blame)at the time...well,with her it's not so simple.she's the friend that i was meeting up with after months of not i left it to her to arrange it after she had cancelled the initial 'date',and it felt like i was running after her,but she just didn't.i gotta be honest,it really fucked me up.if she meant it to pay me back for the past (she'd got pissed off with me letting her down a lot in one short space of time,cancelling seeing her etc.what can i say,i had months of pain with my teeth and it wasn't for no reason),it sure has all made me feel pretty shit and worthless.and although i enjoyed seeing lewis today,it reminded me of a year or so ago where i had more friends than was normal for me,and now i don't have many at 3...and i came away from it feeling like crap.
but hey,i'm over it now,and just hoping some good friends come along my way,who i can connect with and who just 'gets' me and my funny ways.
here's a few pictures for now,i'm so busy getting things ready for the vegan stall i don't have much time to blog(for once!)
the one picture with lewis in made me laugh,he looks kinda weird and retarded!xxx

Friday, 9 October 2009

jennifers body

i loved it!but i have to say,megan fox: you were the least best thing about it!really...all i noticed was your legs,your butt,your boobs...and not because i wanted just seemed to focus on you...and not your acting.but as that isn't exactly deep,maybe that's for the best.the film was a little lame in places,but i kinda liked had so many randoms in it too...juno's dad,"all babies want to be bored"girl from juno(obviously due to it being a diablo cody film),adam brody(oc),amanda seyfried(mean girls)and the kid from haunting in connecticut...i seriously enjoyed it.
and i will leave you with my current favourite song...

scary times

anyone else find it weird when you take a photo in the pitch black,and with the flash,it comes out as if it was hardly dark?the wonders of modern technology i guess...(the photo is of my little babies curled up in bed next to me last night)

i made a sock monkey

that looks a little like a took me 5 hours and i am now super tired!will post a pic tomorrow,i need bed xxxxx

Thursday, 8 October 2009

so i found out from the birmingham hunt sabs,that the tories plan to legalise fox hunting should they win the desperate are they to indulge in,quite literally,blood sports?this is morally,and in every other possible way,wrong.this is awful.
on a slightly more positive note,the email i found this out from was the email from the bham hunt sabs,accepting my offer to donate anything i make at the vegan festival to them.this is awesome.i just hope i sell some stuff now!i am attempting a sock monkey that may well be another item that will be on sale on the day!

halloween is coming to town... tesco.ahem.

oh my!

apparently teen mag Bliss are giving these away with their magazine...should i?or shouldn't i?*bites lip*


so,it's about time i updated this blog!i have been totally preoccupied with facebook lately,which i never thought i'd say.i used to hate it and think it was evil,but at the moment it's kinda fun reconnecting with old friends,or people i haven't seen for a while.a few people have asked me where i've been,saying they haven't seen me for ages.i used to see them sometimes when i used to actually have a social life and go out,and it's kinda nice to think they noticed i wasn't around!and i appreciate them saying hello too,little things like that can really make you feel see,i've been feeling pretty lonely and fed up these last few days.mikee has only just started his month of solid work (working every night except monday's and the occasional day off),but i'm already missing him being at home in the evenings.i get to spend my dinner hour at home with him,but he has to leave for work just before i finish my working day.and thn he's not back until around 2am,by which time i'm fast asleep!a few times i haven't even heard him come in,now that must be some deep sleep!i mean,don't get me wrong,i love my alone time and i'm more used to my own company than anything else,but i have been feeling a little isolated lately.and i think it may be because i can see people's photos(and essentially their lives!)on facebook,and i keep getting the old twinge that i haven't had for a long while,which is the twinge of "everyone else is out having fun and i'm stuck here alone missing out".this goes back to when i was a kid.i used to pretty much get miserable if the other kids were outside playing and i was inside on my own,for whatever reason.even though those kids were my friends's like i used to basically have SAD but in summer(the majority of people seem to get it in winter).and i think that was due to it being lighter for longer,and i used to feel restless,as if i should be out with friends,but i was indoors and not with friends.i was a gothic girl even back then!but anyway,enough meandering off the subject...basically i'm finding it a little boring with mikee being at work so much:/ but!my bestest friend ever(no,i'm not 12)saffy came over on tuesday night,with her fiance steve.i have not seen her for quite literally months,as she moved to worcester.and as i was feeling a little lonely also,it was especially nice to spend time with her.saffy and i don't get up to an awful lot when we see each other,we basically just chat shit.but it's wonderful!i don't feel like i have to try at all with her,and she's just perfect for me.she's got a little wicked edge to her(we've been known to bitch about people together,ooops)but she's also a great listener and a true individual.she really does stick to what she believes in and i trust her so was nice to see steve again too,as i've only met him once.the first time i met him he was very hyper,and a little drunk i think!but he was lovely.this time he was a lot more mellow and sober,and still lovely to chat to.and he obviously loves saffy to bits.they brought up their engagement,which i had totally forgotten about!they plan to get married in vegas,which is SO them!they're like the cutest rockabilly couple around,but without the poser-ish side that some "rockabilly" people have!we all had a drink(i gave them margharita(which after tasting,i felt bad about...i did not like it at all!)and a chat,and saffy gave me some gorgeous flowers:)i had brought her some halloween biscuits and cakes,and also popped in her halloween trick or treat bag(20p from tesco!)a copy of 'the host' by stephanie meyer,and a framed vicky morgan postcard.i had such a good time,and it just reminded me of how much i miss her.but as long as she's happy,even if it's not in wales,that's all i care about.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

who's my favourite little blog?

you are!:)
i have neglected this for the past few days,and for that there are a few reasons:twitter.facebook.ear infection.lack of anything interesting to say.laziness?
but i am back and planning to blog just as much as i usually do!as mentioned above i have discovered twitter,which i find quite fun...especially as it's somewhere designed for you to talk about totally random stuff to no-one in particular!i don't have many followers on there,but i'm following a fair few people far,it's a novelty to me i guess!and i also did something i said i wouldn't do,which is have a facebook profile!(or in my case,as i had one ages ago,re-activating it!)i have a fair few friends on there,and it's weird,but a few of them are from quite literally years ago!i'm not one for "blasts from the past",there's something about the past which depresses that sad?i just don't like looking back once it has doesn't make me smile.but the facebook experience has been positive so far,and it definitely seems to be where everyone has been!myspace has been quiet lately,and now i see why!they're all on facebook!myspace is still my favourite,but there's not many people to chat to lately...all this social networking is tiresome!haha.
i was actually off work yesterday with an ear infection.i have a tendency to get horrible eczema in my ears and as i can't seem to stop poking and prodding,i think i have inflamed my ear and got myself an ear the doctor prescribed me antibiotics and an inner ear spray.i'm not going to use the antibiotics unless i need to.the spray's got quite a harsh little pump action to it,and it stings a little when you use it.but it's not too bad,so i'm gonna see if i can just use that rather than the tablets.antibiotics are not nice at all, you don't know how they have been tested in the i do my best to steer i was feeling a little woozy and out of it,i called my driving instructor to try and rearrange my appointment.i felt so bad as the first appointment was rearranged due to our car being taken by the police(whom i still hate),but i did not feel up to was quite odd,but my instructor persuaded me to try an hour session(rather than hour and a half)and see how i got on.although i felt pretty ill,it actually went fine and i was pleased to have done it!i HATE the feeling cancelling/rearranging gives me,so it was good to get the lesson done.the lesson went well(i think!)and don(my new instructor)is really nice,a lot more laid back than my previous instructor.i have a feeling it may be due to my last instructor being a woman.i find it easier to get on with men.they're less bitchy for sure!anyway,i had been meaning to ask don in the first lesson how i was getting on with driving(as a first impression)but i i asked him last night and he basically said that i need to use my iniatitive more and not be scared to make mistakes!he said that our next lesson would be less like a driving lesson,and more like just driving around without instruction.haha,that will be interesting!i do see what he means,i am a little hesitant,even when i think i know what to do!i REALLY want to pass as soon as possible,especially as i passed my theory test on friday(which i am glad to have over and done with!)
so that's basically what i have been up to!apologies if this blog is a bit of a muddled mess,but i always find it a little dull typing up days of events!definitely prefer to blog on the same day!

hope you are all well,i have a little catching up to do,i'm sure it'll keep me busy if work gets quiet!


ps. new moon is scheduled for release in the uk on 20th november, same date as the us.i cannot wait!i almost upset myself earlier thinking about if the cinemas get totally sold out before i get our tickets!yes,i am a geek.but a geek with passions!(including twilight/new moon!)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

seems that blogging has taken a back seat

lately,but fear not sweet blog,i am back at work tomorrow and am sure i will have plenty of time to update you on my rather uneventful few days.

love you,hehe x

paperdoll pretties

that is the new name of what was once oh dear diary:)made a ton of new hair bows which will be on sale,either on folksy or ebay,as soon as i get the effort to do so!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

tonight has been just me

and the boys,mikee is's been a very lonesome evening for some reason.but i made over 30 bows,from the materials i brought today...i didn't plan to be at it for hours,but i now i'm sitting down with some pasta and not doing a fat lot.awesome.

Friday, 2 October 2009


i knew that i LIKED juno...but it was playing in painted lady tattoo studio last time i was there getting tattooed,and i thought,maybe i should watch it i brought it from tesco when we went food shopping the other night, as well as another michael cera film 'nick and norah's infinite playlist', which i'm looking forward to seeing.i watched it last night and LOVED it third time around.and i thought i hated juno's character...but i don't.and i know everybody is like,"aw,bleeker!"...but so am i.he's so gentle and sweet!melted my heart!

Thursday, 1 October 2009