Wednesday, 28 October 2009

it's wednesday morning

it always feels odd when i have a monday off work,everything seems to get put back a feels like tuesday...anywho,it seems to be a habit lately where i don't blog much.or i do blog and do insanely long paragraphs(as i've been told!),but hey,this ain't no english essay so i will most likely forget all about paragraph etiquette soon enough.
so!saturday was the west midlands vegan festival.and i had been working A LOT towards this day!i wasn't sure i would sell much.i guess that's a trait of my lack of self-confidence,but also that it was a vegan festival and i thought what i had to sell may be more 'craft fair style'.but,as i have previously blogged,i made money!and i almost sold out!how crazy is that?!it's fair to say i'm super stoked now though,and am really going to up the ante on what i make now!quality more than quantity i'm thinking!my dad asked me what the best seller that day was,but it's hard to say as everything seemed to be liked equally!however,the sock monkeys sold out in like half an hour...okay,so there were only 3,but still..!it tickled me when i had a quick walk round later on in the day (to get some delicious food)and i spied a sock monkey peeping out of a girls bag.oh hai sock monkey spawn of mine!:D
i was in wolves until monday,so after the busy and tiring(but awesome!)saturday,i spent a lot of time chilling out and going to the pub with my dad!good times:)
monday evening,i travelled back to cardiff.i miss my boys when i'm gone!it was lovely to kiss mikee hello,i spent time over the weekend thinking how much i love him,and how lucky i am to have him<3
a weekend away is good for the soul i think...getting to see family,and to have time to miss your loved's good.makes you appreciate everyone a little more,and to appreciate what you have,rather than what you don't have.


  1. congrats on selling your crafts! isn't it a glorious feeling to see people buy/ wear your stuff?

  2. oh yes,it was such a confidence boost and put a huge smile on my face all day! <3 x