Monday, 31 May 2010

World turned upside down, and courtesy of someone who I valued as a close friend. Regardless of what she told me, it's validity and who it involves... there is no excuse for how this 'friend' went about it. If they wanted to turn my world and everything I know upside down, they succeeded. If they wanted to break my heart and make my eyes sore from constant crying, they did it well. I don't know what to believe, but I know I don't give up on what I love as easy as she might. I don't take things lying down, and I do not associate (or call them 'my best friend') with people who hurt me beyond repair...

So, today has been tough, it has been a long time since I have felt my world crumble. I feel sick with nerves and worry and anxiety. My head is fucked and useless. But there was no point in staying in crying all day (I chose to do that on the car journey, ha!), so we took the boys to Swansea beach. I never loved Swansea until today... the town area (with all the shops etc.) leaves a lot to be desired, but the beach and coastline is stunning, the area around that is so clean and well looked after, and every person I caught the eye of seemed to have a smile ready. And driving back, I got to see the lovely little houses and shops near the seafront... and that's why Swansea really took my breath away.

I feel so mentally drained and emotionally wounded, so I'm gonna leave it at that for now... but here's some lovely pictures.

Friday, 28 May 2010


Today has been one of those days! Work has been crazy busy... today is counselling assessment day so I have not stopped... as well as everything else at work being stressy and busy... then after work (in an hour or so) I have my driving lesson... and once I get back from that I have 7 journals to customise as well as having to get everything ready for my stall tomorrow (it's the fourth Vintage Pretty)...


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The weekend in pictures... (picture heavy)


I went with Mikee to go and see his friend's band play in Buffalo Bar (where Vintage Pretty is held every month). It was weird to be there for some other reason! I wasn't keen on the first two bands, but the main band Zonderhoof were awesome. And I was super chuffed when Mikee's good friend (and Buffalo's promoter/events manager)Ben showed me that they'd included VP in their listings, which are on huge posters and (apparently) all over town.
Afterwards we went to Wok To Walk, where I had my new favourite: Veggie Dish (broccoli, mushrooms etc) with tofu and Shanghai sauce. I was actually really disappointed this time as the vegetables weren't cooked enough for my liking, I prefer 'em soggy and not too crunchy! Nevermind, I still ate a good amount!

We went to Barry beach (the nice part... aka. not the part where all the idiots go and by the tacky amusements etc.)
* Please excuse the baaad pictures, think maybe I got some sand on the lense and didn't realise 'til after I saw the photos!

The weather has been beautiful this past weekend/few days... so sunny and hot! We let the boys off their lead for a little while as the beach wasn't too busy (though I always have to be ready to grab them both if they run off towards a dog/person/ANYTHING they don't like!) I love to see them running free, I wish they were better behaved so we could always let them off their leads!

Mikee is looking so cute lately...

Mikee taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Bambi looks like a different dog when he's wet! So tiny and cute!

Feet! (The water was so beautiful).

I Love Junko (Mikee's online nickname thingy hehe).
We managed to coax Bambi and Bela into the water and we were so delighted to see that they actually swam! And before they even got to the water! Bela didn't mind it too much but Bambi was not keen at all! Though at the time he seemed to enjoy the paddle! We were mainly trying to cool them off as it was soooo hot, the water was cold and shallow, so lovely. Anyway, here's a video... I have no idea how I merged them all together, I must have pressed something! Ha! (Please ignore me saying pretty much the same thing over and over... I sound like a chipmunk). EDIT: So I couldn't get the video to transfer from my phone, so I will do that after I have done this post!

We went for a lovely walk to Pontypool Park to see the Shell Grotto. Mikee's friend Leigh works there, but I ahd been told how awesome it was anyway! Again the weather was very hot and very sunny...

The walk up to the Grotto was so beautiful, though my little legs were dying... I am so unfit! On the way up there there were a couple of women walking their dogs... all 3 of their dogs toddled up to say hi to Bambi and Bela... but our two being so antisocial didn't appreciate it. This didn't seem to faze the one adorable dog though who kept coming back! Eventually Mikee had to pick our two up to stop any blood being shed! Shame too as the dogs were so cute, and Bambi and Bela would have had a great time playing with their new friends!

I got a few nice pictures on the way up...

When we finally reached the top (I was almost on the floor by then... despite it only being a 5 minute walk up the hill!), Leigh greeted us and we had a look in the infamous Grotto. But not before we saw the lovely trio of dogs again. Bambi actually took great interest in the girls of the pack (we've noticed he does this... maybe because he has sisters?) and even rubbed noses with one! However Bela was still a naughty little thing... and Bambi eventually went to nip one of the dogs and caught my knee making a very attracive bruise. Eeeep.
I found the Grotto slightly creepy... it is quite literally made out of shells and rock and stalactites... but the floor is entirely created out of animal bones and teeth. Really creeped me out. If it interests you click here!

Once we had a little look round (it's only small) we chilled out on the hillside eating and chatting.

And finally we braved the walk back down to the car, this time was lovely though as it was all downhill!

Although I'm more of a Autumn/Winter girl, I do love that we can do more things in the nice weather. It was so nice just to chill out and take the boys out in the sun. We had a lovely weekend!

Monday, 24 May 2010

Catching up on Formspring

whats your biggest regret?
Some regrets I have would be too personal for my liking to post on here. But one regret I don't mind telling people is staying with my ex for so long. If someone hits you or treats you badly, it will NEVER change, so get out of there. I do look back on those years and think what a total waste, but then you can't really think like that, because then I may not be where I am now in life, and I am very happy right now, which I wouldn't change for the world.

Are you enjoying this glorious sunshine?
Yes thank you, very much so :) Though I will always be a Winter girl at heart, it's nice not having to wrap up loads, and going out on little day trips.

do you want children and when?
I would eventually like children... maybe when I'm around 30? Having said that, that's only 4 years away.... eeeek! Hmmm... maybe we'll see how it goes then?!

Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?
Hmmmm... I'm not much of a traveller to be honest. Though having said that there are a ton of places I would like to go! I would love to go to America, and basically go all around there. I love SO many things about American culture, it would be a real treat to finally go there.
I would also love to go to 'Pig Island' in the Bahamas... I can't remember it's actual name but there are wild pigs who live on the beach of the island, whom the locals are very proud of and feed. When boats come near the shore the pigs swim out for food and treats, it is sooo amazing!
There's videos of this on youtube, as well as videos of the pigs playing fetch and such in the water with visitors... just goes to show that pigs are sooo close to what we see as 'domesticated' pets, and we should stop eating them! To visit these pigs would blow my mind and melt my heart all at once :)
I would also like to visit Japan, as I love so many aspects of the culture.

would you say you were a shallow person?
I'm too deep for my own good, I constantly make my life more difficult by overthinking things and just because I enjoy wearing make-up and hair extensions doesn't mean I'm shallow.

if someone offered you a million pounds but you had to have all your tatoos removed (by magic, no laser removal or time consuming procedures) would you accept the cash?
no way.

Would you rather go to a pub for a quiet drink and chat with friends or go to a club and dance the night away with them?
I am much more the 'quiet drink' kind of person, I think because I got a lot of the 'clubbing' out of my system when I was 18! Having said that I think it is great to cut loose now and again, and have too much to drink and generally have a good time (not that you have to drink too much to have a good time!)
To be totally honest, my idea of a perfect night would be staying in with good food and drink, and good company... oh, and my two furry boys Bambi and Bela! It probably sounds pretty dull, but I'm a homebody and no longer 20, so I don't care hehe.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Hoover in the ear

No, really! I had my hospital appointment this morning, to finally have my ears checked out by a specialist.

She confirmed that it was most likely me using cotton buds that had infected my ears so often... oops. And the eczema too of course!

Anywho, she said she was going to have a look in my ears with a microscope... my left ear (which is the least sickly of the two!) was a little gunky and such, so she put this hoover tube thing in my ear and sucked it all out... you could even hear the gunk as it came out! To you readers this may sound icky, but to me it was a huge relief to be fixing the problem... and it felt kinda like scratching an itch... so satisfying! I did apologise to the woman though (who was lovely) for having to do it, but she told me not to be silly, and that she actually found her job very satisfying!

Then onto my right ear... this is the worst, and even today it was very blocked, meaning I couldn't hear too great out of it and there was a dull ringing sound... as well as being sore and a bit swollen. So she did the same thing, and it sounded even more icky and gunky... but again, gooooood! However she said there was some wax (so sorry, probably making you retch right now!) impacted on my eardrum (ie. stuck) so it took several tries of putting some drops on, leaving it and hoovering it (with a smaller tube this time) for it to work. This part did hurt quite a lot as the tube was hitting my ear drum, as it was so stuck! But she got it, and immediately my ear felt unblocked and I could hear properly! Again I apologised for being gross!

So, she prescribed me some cream and drops for my ears if they flare up again, and booked me in to check my progress in a months time. My ears were so itchy by this time, but damn, that hooverin' felt good!

So, kids, the moral of the story is eczema and cotton buds do not mix well!

Fill In The Blanks Friday

1. One fashion trend I really regret is wearing short denim shorts over tights... and almost everything I wore to try and look like Clarissa or Alex Mack... fail.

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit hair! I can't be going out without my fake herr in, or a hat if I choose not to put the wiglets in!

3. I would describe my personal style as...gothic with a touch of emo perhaps?!

4. My fashion muse is... I don't really have one at all to be honest. I tend to take little ideas from friends or people I see around... for example I loved the way Heidi was dressed last time she was down here, so it inspired me to add a little touch of 'heidi' to a new outfit I brought.

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be... I honestly hate designer brands with a passion, and everything they stand for.

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of... eeeep, a voodoo goddess who wears lots of (fake, seen as I'm vegan) feathered stuff! (Can you tell I'm not very fashion orientated and am making up 'wild and kooky' answers?!)

7. Today I am wide legged trousers, black bandeau style top that finishes halfway down the hips (which is good seen as I have a tear in the crotch of my trousers... I have no idea why! It's like my pyjama bottoms, last week I found that there was a huge tear on one of the ass cheeks! How? Why?!!! Haha!, my black hoody, a black chunky plastic chain... my black, white and blonde hairstyle with a
pearl-like headband and a huge black flower :) Phew!

Just brought...

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse tickets! 2 pairs for the advance uk screenings, which are Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July... so excited!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Phew! What a night!

But, not in a good way... Mikee and I were kept awake most of last night by the neighbours downstairs.

These neighbours have been a pain up until now. While Mikee was out of work, some benefits were owed to him. Two cheques he was expecting didn't turn up. After several meetings with the Council, it turned out that someone had cashed these cheques themselves, ie. stolen the money. We're pretty sure we know who did it... especially as I have had letters and parcels also not turn up, though bills and whatnot always have... hmmm.

Anyway, so last night, from around 7pm onwards, we were subjected to the noises of shouting (the neighbours are two men, a couple from what we know), what sounded like the entire flat being trashed, and almost constant banging of doors.

We had arrived back from the supermarket around 7pm last night, and we saw the two neighbours both storming out the building. When I went in through the front door, their dog (whom I love!) TJ was in the hall on his own! They had left their door wide open and he had trotted out. Now TJ is a sweetheart, he always looks super lonely, and whines and whimpers whenever we go past their front door. Sometimes he even looks longingly out the front window at us/Bambi and Bela. And often he gets shut out in the back yard (which is when I sneakily drop chewy sticks down from the kitchen window for him...). So anyway, it took Mikee's strength (hehe) to pop him back into their flat and shut the door, though he kept coming out! He was so friendly and so excited, he even peed a little on both of us! By the time we'd gently pushed him back in the neighbours came back in and apologised.

Anyway, so the shouting started not long after and continued through the night... I mean, everyone argues, but this was horrendous, and the extremely loud music all night made it a nightmare. We were so close to ringing the police, but decided against it. Even Bambi was frightened, snuggling into me in bed. (Bela didn't seem to care, he's a laid back kinda fella!) So we eventually fell sleep, though I think it may only have been a couple of hours.

Needless to say I rang the landlord straightaway this morning!

All of this is putting Mikee off where we live I think, but I have to say I like where we are now, the only thing I would like more is if we had a garden (mainly for Bam and Bela). I'm hoping these neighbours will get moved out, as we just can't settle with such volatile people living beneath us, and it's got to the point now where we are worried about possessions going missing, and the safety of leaving our flat unattended.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

do u have any piercings?

I have my ears pierced, but never wear jewellery in them. In the past I have had my 'lowbret' pierced, which I did love and was sad to take out. I have also had the side of my lip pierced and my ears a few times. I've always been more of a tattoo kinda gal, though I think piercings can look awesome! I would love my cheeks pierced, but a. I wouldn't want the actual procedure done, sounds a bit scary and b. I already have natural dimples so I guess for that reason I don't need the piercings! I would also love to have my ears stretched a lot, but I had a very feeble try once and then just could not be bothered!
Thanks for the question :)

Ask me anything

Would you rather go to a pub for a quiet drink and chat with friends or go to a club and dance the night away with them?

I am much more the 'quiet drink' kind of person, I think because I got a lot of the 'clubbing' out of my system when I was 18! Having said that I think it is great to cut loose now and again, and have too much to drink and generally have a good time (not that you have to drink too much to have a good time!)
To be totally honest, my idea of a perfect night would be staying in with good food and drink, and good company... oh, and my two furry boys Bambi and Bela! It probably sounds pretty dull, but I'm a homebody and no longer 20, so I don't care hehe.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Another lot of my favourite things

So... as I really enjoyed it last time here are another 7 groups of things that I like/am liking right now...

* Music that I have just discovered for myself:

Gregory and the Hawk

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton

Nb. Emily is usually the frontwoman of Metric, though I have to say I really prefer her solo stuff.

Angus and Julia Stone

I haven't heard that much by this brother and sister duo yet, but I do like what I've heard so far!

* Books I'm currently reading

This book was an a amazing find the other week in Wolverhampton, 50p in a charity shop! It was crazy as I had discovered this online a while back, when I had been searching 'books similar to Twilight' (I think I actually googled it that exact way too!). It is a love story set in a high school, but the twist is that the male love interest is a zombie, or 'living impaired' as is politically correct in the story. It didn't totally grab me straight away but I'm nearing chapter ten at the moment and actually really starting to love it. I think there's another couple in the series so far, so I will ahve to track those down when I ahve finished this one!

I have only just started this one, but again this was only 50p in the same charity shop. I love memoirs, especially ones that touch on the darker side of peoples experiences. It makes you appreciate all the good parts of your daily life I feel, as well as being hugely fascinating. Plus, it's always such an inspiration to read how someone overcame their personal demons.

I have yet to finish The Lovely Bones... it is an amazing book, but I think seeing the film first (and really enjoying it) has made me kinda wonder what the point of reading the book is... I know it's an amazing book in it's own right, but I found the film translated so well for me that, at the moment, I don't feel the need to finish the book (I'm about halfway through).

* Films I have recently brought

I quite like the Rob Zombie Halloween films, though as with everything Rob Zombie does, I'm not blown away by these films. I got Halloween when it was on sale a while ago, and happened to find Halloween 2 for only £5.99 in Morrisons last week so thought I'd add it to my dvd collection.

I love this film, despite really not liking Summer... Tom is so awesome! I got this for only £5 at Blockbuster, as it's ex-rental.

Ok, so Mikee brought this yesterday and not me... but I do love this film so much. I haven't read the book yet, but I would like to eventually, after Mikee and our friend/ex-flatmate Lewis telling me how amazing it is (they read it before it was made into a film). It was cool to watch it on dvd last night, as the streamed version online missed out a huge, and we only realised just how much it missed out, chunk of the film... seeing the parts I missed made me love the film even more. Such a sad and touching film, but amazing nonetheless.

* Favourite alcoholic beverages!

Reading the description of this, I am actually surprised with myself that I like it... Rum with a coconut flavour?! But I do like it, with cola... It's a nice, soft drink that I drink to enjoy rather than get drunk... which brings me to my next choice...

Sambuca is my go-to drink if I want to get totally wasted. The only time I have ever blacked out from being so drunk, was a result of too many sambuca shots. It is an evil drink, just a few weeks ago it gave Heidi and I the hangover from hell... but it's a fun drink. Except when I do shots of it, it is always my first reaction to retch.

I don't drink Schnapps very often anymore (mind you, I rarely drink anyway!), but I did used to like Peach Schapps with lemonade. Tastes nice, and quite a high percentage/proof (of getting drunk too).

* Artists that I love the work of


Mark Ryden

Miss Van

* Jobs I have had...

Music store management (Music Zone, Our Price)

Library Assistant

Receptionist (current job)

* Cute videos (just because!)

And now watch this...

We may as well have another cat video, seen as there's so many awesome ones online!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Do you believe in alternative medicine? I'm not the 'lol'ster by the way!

Not to worry lovely... I found out who the lolster was, haha! I do actually believe very much so in alternative medicine. I am very ignorant to it currently, but I hope to learn a bit more about it. As a vegan it is very important to me not to use animal tested medicines, so I think that it is definitely time to look into natural alternatibes, if not just to save pumping my body full of chemicals.

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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Would you rather live in the country or the city?

Hmmm... this is a tough one! I do like living so close to Cardiff centre, it's nice being able to just walk into town and it only taking under 10 minutes. But then I love the countryside and all the nature surrounding it. I tend to think that I would find living in the countryside a bit dull at times. I guess when I'm driving it would be more of an option, as I would hardly be stuck in the middle of nowhere if I had my own car. I would maybe find it a bit of a pain to live in a small village, what with people finding my appearance so 'different' and 'out there'. So, I think being a city girl, but going out to the country every week or so suits me best :)

Ask me anything

what do you think of the current government?

Now! I am deciding from now on not to get too much into politics... mainly because I dont agree with it at all. I've kinda learnt a lesson from the other week, when discussing the elections. I don't agree with governments, and I don't agree with the idea of certain selected people being in charge of a whole country. So, that's it really.

Ask me anything

It's a sunny Saturday afternoon.

So, I'm gonna try and do a little blogging! I am just in the middle of making some trinket boxes for the next Vintage Pretty, but thought I'd have a little break.

This week has been a weird one. I have only worked 2 days (Monday and Wednesday) as I (once again) had an ear infection. This time has probably been the worst, with my right ear almost totally blocked/deaf and pain around my ear. Both the back and front areas around my ear have been very swollen and sore, but luckily I'm feeling a lot better now! I did go into work on Wednesday as I felt a little better (and always feel a little guilty being off work) but then on the evening I felt rotten, so had the next day and the TFriday off. Work were okay about it, and I made sure I gave my manager a copy of the hospital letter for my appointment next week. Just so they know I'm not making it up! Seriously, it's gone on for so long now, off and on, I wouldn't blame my managers for thinking I was making it all up!

Today has been a bit, hmmm, lonesome I suppose. Mikee left about 10am as he is helping a band out that he knows on some video shoot they're doing (sounds quite rock and roll don't it, hehe). So I got up just after, tidied up a little, walked the boys and headed into town. I needed to get some new materials (namely some lace) and some not-too-interesting purchases, such as shampoo and shower gel. It takes a fair amount of time to find suitable toiletries, as hardly any say 'vegan friendly', though I seem to usually find something in Superdrug. So I ended up getting some coconut and shea butter body scrub (I love the mixture of the two ingredients!), and just boring plain shampoo. But then almost straight after I found some Original Source shower gel in Poundland... so I'm actually looking forward to shower time later, haha!

But yeah, I've been feeling lonely lately, and more than a bit anxious. I'm lucky in that I do see Mikee a lot more than some girlfriends see their boyfriends, but with him working evenings and me working in the day, we don't get much quality time together. The only plus about being off ill this week has been spending more time with Mikee.

I really need some more friends I think. As much as I enjoy my own company, I'm quite a loner I think, it would feel better to know that I had friends there to meet up with sometimes. As strange as it sounds, I miss Heidi so so much at the moment. Strange as she doesn't live in Cardiff anyway! But Heidi has been in America for just over a week on her Trek America trip... I miss her soooo much! She has been updating her Facebook with awesome pictures of the trip so far, and has messaged me a few times... but I cannot wait until she is back in the UK! Besides, I can't wait to go back to texting every day.

Anyway, after shopping I came back home. I had only been an hour but it felt like double that... I guess time goes slow when you're alone?

On the way back though I thought of all the people/animals in the world and the appalling lives they have... and that made me pull myself together. I can get easily depressed, though never to the point where I think I am the worst off. I know I have got such a good life, and I am so grateful for everything I have! I suppose we all have blue days sometimes?!

Once home I made a really yummy vegan pizza and watched 500 Days of Summer while I crafted... I love that film so much! Though Summer is so not the kind of person I like... I see myself more in Tom than her. I'm usually the person who does all the chasing, and the one who feels heartbreak rather easily.

So, that's a very short update! Back to sticking stuff onto... stuff, haha.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Do you think you can ever be friends with an ex boy/girlfriend?

Hmmm... I'm sure you can, but I have to be honest with you, it's always gonna be a little weird. I try to stay friends with people generally, but I personally would find it hard staying friends with someone who I had been with for years... as I'm sure with me, it would take an unhappy situation to finish with them in the first place.

Ask me anything

why dont you ever wear your hair without extentions? are you bald underneath? lol

Hmm... I do love how people use Formspring to be rather rude and obnoxious! But this question makes me giggle rather than get angry. If you knew me for real, you would know that I almost always have my hair 'without extensions' when at home. I choose to wear extensions for one main reason, and this is kinda crazy... so bare with me! I like extensions. Wild huh?! I don't have to wear extensions, but I choose to. My own hair doesn't really interest me, but if interested, it is just above shoulder length, the back is dreaded and the front is a short fringe. But I love the fun of extensions and the fact that you can have crazy and different hair whenever you want!

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I am going to update soon...

I promise... I also have lots of charity shop and car boot sale finds to share with you! I've been buuntil I get to Ikea and then cajole Mikee into putting said shelves up, they will remain homeless :(

But, soon!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

should people who call themselves vegan but secretly eat dairy be publicly tarred and feathered?

Oh my goodness! What a bizarre question! I can't say I know anyone who does that... and if this is someone implying that I do... well, that is crazy! If there is one thing that can always be relied on with me, it is that I don't lie about things that mean everything to me... and even if I get a cravng for cheese or chocolate, all I have to do is picture the cow that the milk came from, and the suffering that was involved... and that craving just disappears.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Also, from the Notebook Doodles...

Your Cell Phone? Blackberry
Your Hair? Big
Your Mother? Small
Your Father? Close
Your Favorite Food? Pizza
Your Dream Last Night? Lots
Your Favorite Drink? Juice
Your Dream/Goal? Safe
What Room Are You In? Work
Your Hobby? Creating
Your Fear? Plenty
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? Incomprehendable
Where Were You Last Night? Home
Something That You Aren’t? Easy
Muffins? Yum
Wish List Item? Camera?
Where Did You Grow Up? Wolverhampton
Last Thing You Did? Drank
What Are You Wearing? Black
Your TV? DVDs
Your Pets? Love
Friends? Lucky
Your Life? Good
Your Mood? Fine
Missing Someone? Family
Vehicle? Trying
Something You Aren’t Wearing? Colours
Your Favorite Store? Charities!
Your Favorite Color? Black
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? Today
Last Time You Cried? Week?
Your Best Friend? Lush
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? Work
Facebook? Constant
Favorite Place To Eat? Home

This makes my heart warm...

I found out about this blog just now on Kind Over Matter... I absolutely love it... The Notebook Doodles.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So... what have I been up to?

Not a huge lot. Well, nothing out of the ordinary anyway. The usual work, driving lessons (seriously feels like I will never get to my test... both myself and the instructor agree that I'm 'stuck'... I know what to do and how to drive... but there's something holding me back. And I think that's me.), crafting and making, selling at the monthly Northcote Lane Market... this time it was out in the actual lane and it was beyond cold. I seriously wanted to go home the four hours or so that I was there... freezing. Luckily I resisted, and came away with a nice £50 or so (which came in handy for my weekly food shopping).

I have started listening to some new bands (well, new to me anyway!) the past week or so, which has been awesome. Here are a few that I'm liking at the moment.

And this... I love it! Made me wanna listen to the original too.

I've also seen a couple of films, which I enjoyed...

Inside is gory as hell (as expected) and very disturbing... but pretty darn amazing I have to say.

Now... I was looking forward to seeing this. Really looking forward to it. It's a modern film, but made to look like an 80's movie. It is really, really good... but the ending... it really disappointed me. You see, the actual 'horror' and built up moment, well it just finished too quickly. It was like over in half an hour, without much explanation at all. I loved how the film was slow to get started as I love a good suspense film... but the ending just left me a bit like, "was that it?!" Having said that, I did really enjoy it, I just wanted a little more than the ending gave.

Besides staying in and enjoying all of the above, I haven't been up to a lot outside of work and home life. Mikee is very busy at the moment with gigs etc. and I'll be honest, I have missed him a lot. He's actually gone to London today to see Hole play, and is due back tomorrow. I do worry when he's away, especially as far as London!

I'm starting to draw again too... but it's frustrating me as usual. I know what I want to achieve but it just doesn't come easy. So I'm gonna just have fun now and then with doodling stuff, but stick to the Dolly Dearest type thing... having said that though, I really want a new name for my crafting. I don't really like Dolly Dearest, and wasn't mad on it when I first decided on it. It's a pain already having business cards with the name on... but they're fairly cheap, and little things are important to me, so new name and new business cards soon I think!