Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Another lot of my favourite things

So... as I really enjoyed it last time here are another 7 groups of things that I like/am liking right now...

* Music that I have just discovered for myself:

Gregory and the Hawk

Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton

Nb. Emily is usually the frontwoman of Metric, though I have to say I really prefer her solo stuff.

Angus and Julia Stone

I haven't heard that much by this brother and sister duo yet, but I do like what I've heard so far!

* Books I'm currently reading

This book was an a amazing find the other week in Wolverhampton, 50p in a charity shop! It was crazy as I had discovered this online a while back, when I had been searching 'books similar to Twilight' (I think I actually googled it that exact way too!). It is a love story set in a high school, but the twist is that the male love interest is a zombie, or 'living impaired' as is politically correct in the story. It didn't totally grab me straight away but I'm nearing chapter ten at the moment and actually really starting to love it. I think there's another couple in the series so far, so I will ahve to track those down when I ahve finished this one!

I have only just started this one, but again this was only 50p in the same charity shop. I love memoirs, especially ones that touch on the darker side of peoples experiences. It makes you appreciate all the good parts of your daily life I feel, as well as being hugely fascinating. Plus, it's always such an inspiration to read how someone overcame their personal demons.

I have yet to finish The Lovely Bones... it is an amazing book, but I think seeing the film first (and really enjoying it) has made me kinda wonder what the point of reading the book is... I know it's an amazing book in it's own right, but I found the film translated so well for me that, at the moment, I don't feel the need to finish the book (I'm about halfway through).

* Films I have recently brought

I quite like the Rob Zombie Halloween films, though as with everything Rob Zombie does, I'm not blown away by these films. I got Halloween when it was on sale a while ago, and happened to find Halloween 2 for only £5.99 in Morrisons last week so thought I'd add it to my dvd collection.

I love this film, despite really not liking Summer... Tom is so awesome! I got this for only £5 at Blockbuster, as it's ex-rental.

Ok, so Mikee brought this yesterday and not me... but I do love this film so much. I haven't read the book yet, but I would like to eventually, after Mikee and our friend/ex-flatmate Lewis telling me how amazing it is (they read it before it was made into a film). It was cool to watch it on dvd last night, as the streamed version online missed out a huge, and we only realised just how much it missed out, chunk of the film... seeing the parts I missed made me love the film even more. Such a sad and touching film, but amazing nonetheless.

* Favourite alcoholic beverages!

Reading the description of this, I am actually surprised with myself that I like it... Rum with a coconut flavour?! But I do like it, with cola... It's a nice, soft drink that I drink to enjoy rather than get drunk... which brings me to my next choice...

Sambuca is my go-to drink if I want to get totally wasted. The only time I have ever blacked out from being so drunk, was a result of too many sambuca shots. It is an evil drink, just a few weeks ago it gave Heidi and I the hangover from hell... but it's a fun drink. Except when I do shots of it, it is always my first reaction to retch.

I don't drink Schnapps very often anymore (mind you, I rarely drink anyway!), but I did used to like Peach Schapps with lemonade. Tastes nice, and quite a high percentage/proof (of getting drunk too).

* Artists that I love the work of


Mark Ryden

Miss Van

* Jobs I have had...

Music store management (Music Zone, Our Price)

Library Assistant

Receptionist (current job)

* Cute videos (just because!)

And now watch this...

We may as well have another cat video, seen as there's so many awesome ones online!


  1. Aw, those kittens are so freaking cute!! I love when it seems like animals are talking!

  2. haaahahhaha friggin love the talking cats