Friday, 23 April 2010

These are a few of my favourite things... (don't pretend the song didn't pop up in your head!)

So I came across this wonderful little idea from the lovely Danielle of Sometimes Sweet blog....

7 groups of things that I love/would recommend...

* Films

Twilight... I seriously cannot recommend this film enough. It has it all... romance, the supernatural, humour (it's actually very funny!)... and for me it just has an innocent magic about it... I could not recommend the books and the films more.

This is a film that Mikee and I always go back to... it is one of the most inspiring films I have ever seen... and the fact that it is a true story makes it even more so. I have only recently realised just how much I love Will Smith! I loved Fresh Prince and a lot of films he's been in since.

This is another one of my favourites... just an absolute joy to watch any time!And Verdell is absolutely amazing...

* TV Shows

Dexter has such a special place in my heart. When I heard about the TV series coming out, I decided to give the books a try, as I worked in the library at that time. The first book truly blew me away. I was truly horrified at the encounter with the priest at the beginning of the book. But then as I carried on reading I also realised just how amazingly funny they were!

Unfortunately after the first and second books, I have become a little disappointed. However, I absolutely adore the TV series so I am not too sad about this. Michael C Hall IS Dexter... and the whole of the cast play their roles so well! Season 4 was absolutely amazing... and the last episode was jawdropping... I really did not see that coming (the books have become more and more different as the seasons have progressed, so the 4th season storyline was totally new to me even though I have read all four books that have been published so far).

If you like blood and gore, but also humour and tender moments... Dexter is totally the one for you.

For those of you who are regular readers (as always, thank you!), you will know how much I love True Blood, and I also adore the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. It took me a long time to get into, and the OTT sexuality of it really put me off at first... but now I see it is truly an integral part of True Blood, and plays sugh a huge part in the whole story. I cannot wait for Season 3.

Scrubs. You just cannot watch it without laughing and I adore Zach Braff, especially his films.

* 3 albums (a song off each one)

Florence and the Machine - Lungs

Death Cab for Cutie - Plans

Alexisonfire - Watch Out!

* Books.

I love Twilight. The films and the books. A lot. Anyone that has ever experienced heartbreak and loss will have felt as Bella does in New Moon. Out of all 4 Twilight books, this is my absolute favourite, because it recognised the part of me that is so scared of experiencing such heartbreak again.

I really enjoyed this book, and it really did change my perspective on the whole sex industry. I used to have a very dim view of it, but after reading this (which is a lot more lighthearted than other books of a similar vein) and other autobiographical books on prostitution, I really did change my view of it, and actually gained some rspect for the women that do it as a way of making ends meet. It's not to say I approve of prostitution but I do know it's not always as simple as it seems. And who I am to condemn? Their is also a tv series of Belle De Jour, but I wasn't overly keen on it, just nowhere near as good as the books in my opinion.

This isn't one of my favourite favourites but I did really enjoy it. It's a suspense novel based around a group of Urban Explorers. I love the whole idea of urban exploration, though I've yet to do any of my own yet, so I really enjoyed this! It's also very dark and eerie, which is usually a good factor in a book for me!

* Recommended blogs.

This is a toughie as I love all of your blogs! So I'm gonna try pick less personal blogs and find some that are more like blogazines... or something!

Illamasqua! My new favourite make-up brand! Expect more about Illamasqua in my weekend post later tonight!

Confessions of a Twicrack Addict I love this blog! It is informative (about Twilight and related topics) and also extremely funny!

The Dainty Squid. Ok, so this is more of a personal blog... but I love this girl! Kaylah is my thrifting goddess, and I always enjoy catching up on her blog entries. Super talented too!

* 3 etsy shops

The Little Fox.

The Thin Veil.

Lolley's Curiosites.


  1. I love Scrubs soooo much. Not only does every episode make me laugh...but it also makes me cry! I think that's amazing that they can do all that in 25 minutes!

  2. I love all your favourite things - good choices, esp with alexisonfire (dallas green is hot!!) and dexter oh and true blood and death cab for cutie, oh just all of it!!!

  3. just started watching true blood about a month ago...lately i've been watching atleast 2 episodes an evening. uh...LOVE. ERIC OMG.