Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Weekend gone.

Last weekend was wonderful, and I feel very lucky to be able to say that. Heidi came to stay over Friday until Sunday, as Saturday was Vintage Pretty Fayre #3...

We got up a little earlier on Saturday as Heidi wanted to see the Albany Road charity shops (there's around 8 in that one road altogether!). First of all I insisted we watch the new and final Twilight: Eclipse trailer, as I knew it had been shown on Oprah (Oprah?! Why Oprah?!)... I'd already seen it a few times by 8am, but I wanted to see it with Heidi as we are both crazy about Twilight! I love the new trailer so much, and I am even more excited now about Eclipse's release... didn't think that would have been possible!

Anyway, after that we raced up there for only about a half hour shop (as well as putting up a few VP posters), but we did each find some lovely bits and pieces... and lots of Point Horror books! Though we only brought one each, it was super fun to 'check off' which books we had both read when we were younger (we had read all of them, I used to be obsessed with Point Horror!). I got The Cemetery, hehe.

11am, we set out for Buffalo Bar (Vintage Pretty's venue). I still find it a little stressful on the day itself, as not only do I have to set up the Dolly Dearest stall, but as organiser for the day I have to be on hand to help with all other things. But it turned out fine. It's always nice to be all set up and be able to relax!

Vintage Pretty was thankfully a lot busier than the last one, and I think giving out goodie bags to the first 10 people through the door was a good idea. Some of the other sellers put in some amazing free gifts, and I popped a mini notebook in each. There were also 'money off' vouchers in there, and quite a few people used the 10% off vouchers that I popped in there.

I was so pleased that the fayre was so much busier this time, and I think it definitely helped as the girl I was paying to flyer town was lovely and brilliant... she got rid of all the flyers, and there were LOTS! As a little thank you I also let her choose something she wanted off the Dolly Dearest table. It's always nice to meet such lovely people! As ever there were some brilliant sellers there! Here are some photos of the day, though my Blackberry camera quality is far from great!

The Tiger Bay Brawlers Roller Derby team were selling lush cakes (some vegan too!) to raise funds for skates for new starters. They looked so cool in their matching t-shirts!

Vintage Pretty is usually a nice time for me to catch up with my friends. I may not have lots but the ones I do have are amazing! Unfortunately Saffy couldn't make it, and it wasn't the same without her, but Heidi was there with me of course, and Lewis and Sam and her friend Lea popped in also (as well as popping back to the flat with us after the fayre). Sam and Lea looked almost like twins!

So by the end of the day I was feeling pretty pleased as I sold over £100 worth of stock (it was a quiet month for sales until then so I was so happy!). Heidi also sold a few of her awesome owls and robots... she's a talented little lady!

After Vintage Pretty we all headed back to ours for a bit, and then Sam and Lea headed off to do their separate thing! After Mikee had dropped off some PA equipment for a gig that night, we all went to Penarth beach ("we" being Mikee, his friend Leigh, Heidi and I!). It was dark by this time, but it actually tirned out better as we could let Bambi and Bela off their leads to run around on the beach, as it was deserted. It was amazing to watch them free from their leads and having a great time. I wish they would behave so we could always let them off the leads! Penarth is beautiful in the daytime, but it was just as lovely at night. I did get some pictures, but as you can see, it was very dark...

(Mikee popped Bambi and Bela on top of the car while he gave them a dry with the blanket... running around on the beach is a messy business!)

The rest of the evening was spent popping to tesco to buy food, and then we headed back to ours to watch The Shining and just chill out. It was so lovely to just sit down and relax, it was an insanely busy day! It was awesome though!

Sunday morning, Heidi and I went into town to do some shopping! Shopping is not something I do often, besides the weekly food shopping! I just don't have much spare cash I guess... but I decided to treat myself with the £100+ I had made on Saturday as I never expect to make money at fayres... that way if I do I haven't got plans for the money. And on the occasions I do desperately need to make money and I think of what I need it for, I tend not to sell much... Strangeness!

Anyway, I spent ALL of the money! I felt kind of guilty but I desperately needed new clothes and shoes, and it had also been a while since I had brought any new films. This is what I got... (sorry, not interesting enough to take photos of!)

H&M - Black mini shorts,black cropped 'sweatpants'/jogging bottoms (Heidi arrived on Friday in a grey hoodie and black sweats... she looked so awesomely comfy, but also still alternatively cute, so I had to try something similar!), grey oversized slouchy sweatshirt, black strapless top, black lace-up pumps, and a black Hello Kitty make-up bag (it was only £1, couldn't resist!)

Primark - Black (can you see a pattern?!) hoodie, black slouchy long style hoody, black leather look big slouchy shoulder bag

HMV - Inglorious Basterds DVD

Cexx - Hard Candy, Inside, Constantine DVD's

Paperchase - Cute giftwrap (which I intend to frame and use as giant wall pictures... only £1.25 each, bargain home decoration!), retro animal greetings cards on sale, 50p each (Sam had brought some so Heidi and I were keen to see what we could find!), a cute sushi pen for Heidi, and some lovely postcards

Phew! After having looked at that list, I think it shows my thriftiness, as I brought a hell of a lot for £100! The clothing is all pretty basic, so I can mix and match more easily. I also brought some toiletries that we needed, and some picture frames from the wonderful world of Poundland (I love that shop!)

But! The most treasured purchase of the day was my Illamasqua white face powder! I had been after a really good white powder/foundation, and everyone kept saying Mac. But then Illamasqua was mentioned to me (by one of my friends on Facebook who works on the Illamasqua counter in Cardiff!). So I popped into Debenhams (where Mac and Illamasqua are) and went to have a look at Mac first. An awesomely groomed salesman actually them directed me to Illamasqua, as he said I would find the white I was after as they do stage make-up, and Mac's white was a lot subtler.

So I toddled over to Illamasqua... I have never shopped at make-up counters before, I'm more the Superdrug (which is now BUAV approved now, yaaaay!) or eBay make-up kinda gal. Anyway, to cut a long story short... I was served by a wonderful lady called Vicky, who not only found the powder I was after (which I love I must say! £21 well spent, especially as normally I would never dream of spending that much on one make-up item!) but also 'defined' my eyebrows for me! She asked if she could just do a little something and beckoned me into the chair. I have also never had make-up applied in a shop before, so I was all shy and giggly! But basically as she did the make-up she told me that as I have big hair and eye make-up I should define my eyebrows more... which I totally agreed with. But I'm too lazy to have done anything about it until now! She didn't do a huge amount, but I was excited at the result...

Well, hello eyebrows! :D

Anyway, I came out feeling really special and Vicky was such a lovely woman, I was so glad I had gone in. She told me to go back in and let them do my make-up... we shall see! It was super fun though, and I think I will have to give it a try myself. Amazing how little details can make such a difference. And to meet such a lovely, kind person on a random shop visit, well that's gotta be special.

The make-up shopping actually came after I had said goodbye to Heidi. Heidi's train back to Coventry was at 1.45pm so just before she had to go we had Wok to Walk. This time I had the Veggie dish with Shiitake mushrooms, tofu and Shanghai sauce. So delicious!

It's always really sad to say goodbye to Heidi, we are truly so similar (though ultimately pretty different... if that makes sense?!) and I adore her. She is actually off on holiday with Trek America in a couple of weeks... it is super exciting but I will miss her (even just her not being online) and I will be worried for her! She means the world to me, as all my friends do.

Sunday afternoon I basically just slept and chilled out with the boys, as Mikee had to take his mom into hospital for an operation (she's had the op now, and doing ok). It was a lovely weekend, and I am so thankful for each and every second of it!


  1. Sounds like a really great weekend. And I don't think you should feel even a little bit guilty since you've worked so hard and put in the extra hours for dolly dearest. Plus it's not like you spent it all on just one black hoodie. You got a shit ton of stuff.

  2. wee soo much excitement!

    your eyebrows look awesome too! :) x