Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Random photo dump!

Erm, ok... But yay, I pre-ordered the upcoming Stephenie Meyer mini-novel!

The amazing mug Heidi brought me... I seriously really wanted one just like this and have never seen one when I've been charity shop shopping!

Heidi made this especially for me... I love him! His name is Growly.

Some of the other awesome gifts Heidi brought down for me! (Made my gifts to her of a matroyshka mug, like my biscuit jar, and cool tiger luggage tag from H&M look pitiful though! Tehe). Oh, and the handmade card on the left, she posted weeks ago but I only received, damaged may I add, on the Saturday she was here! (Luckily nothing inside was damaged!)

Cool graffiti I saw on a wall in Albany Road... I like meaningful graffiti like this, it really makes you think, or at least remember what you believe anyway.

Bambi looking very happy indeed... apologies for the grainy pics! I love this little boy so much, he has such a beautiful and good soul.