Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So... what have I been up to?

Not a huge lot. Well, nothing out of the ordinary anyway. The usual work, driving lessons (seriously feels like I will never get to my test... both myself and the instructor agree that I'm 'stuck'... I know what to do and how to drive... but there's something holding me back. And I think that's me.), crafting and making, selling at the monthly Northcote Lane Market... this time it was out in the actual lane and it was beyond cold. I seriously wanted to go home the four hours or so that I was there... freezing. Luckily I resisted, and came away with a nice £50 or so (which came in handy for my weekly food shopping).

I have started listening to some new bands (well, new to me anyway!) the past week or so, which has been awesome. Here are a few that I'm liking at the moment.

And this... I love it! Made me wanna listen to the original too.

I've also seen a couple of films, which I enjoyed...

Inside is gory as hell (as expected) and very disturbing... but pretty darn amazing I have to say.

Now... I was looking forward to seeing this. Really looking forward to it. It's a modern film, but made to look like an 80's movie. It is really, really good... but the ending... it really disappointed me. You see, the actual 'horror' and built up moment, well it just finished too quickly. It was like over in half an hour, without much explanation at all. I loved how the film was slow to get started as I love a good suspense film... but the ending just left me a bit like, "was that it?!" Having said that, I did really enjoy it, I just wanted a little more than the ending gave.

Besides staying in and enjoying all of the above, I haven't been up to a lot outside of work and home life. Mikee is very busy at the moment with gigs etc. and I'll be honest, I have missed him a lot. He's actually gone to London today to see Hole play, and is due back tomorrow. I do worry when he's away, especially as far as London!

I'm starting to draw again too... but it's frustrating me as usual. I know what I want to achieve but it just doesn't come easy. So I'm gonna just have fun now and then with doodling stuff, but stick to the Dolly Dearest type thing... having said that though, I really want a new name for my crafting. I don't really like Dolly Dearest, and wasn't mad on it when I first decided on it. It's a pain already having business cards with the name on... but they're fairly cheap, and little things are important to me, so new name and new business cards soon I think!


  1. I hope you get more comfortable with the driving. I know how scary it was for me, but it will be like second nature soon!!

  2. Thank you lovely! I actually enjoy driving now and I do feel like it has 'clicked'... but there's just the fine tuning of it now, and it's proving both tedious and difficult! xxx

  3. Aw, driving can be scary!! I agree!

    I always worry when Ravi is away--I'm the worst-case-scenario kind of even a short trip an hour away can do me in, haha.

    I hope you come up with something you really love for your crafts! I think that would be so hard to decide on something to represent all the hard work you do!