Monday, 31 August 2009

new journal

i forgot to say,i did sell a journal a few days ago,the twilight one!shame i only got £5 for it,but nevermind!still stoked on it!

i heart tk maxx

sam told me that she had seen all the halloween goodies in tk maxx over the weekend.well i nearly wet myself.last years tk maxx halloween stock was amazing.i had waited until just after halloween assuming that they would reduce the stock then.but it turned out they had reduced it before halloween and when i got there,there wasn't much left.i made a sad face then.anyway,we had a walk up town earlier for something to do and i wanted to see if cardiff tk maxx had got their stock in.they didn't appear to have put it out yet,but i was a little relieved as i am so broke right now.but on the way out i spied the halloween goodies on the bottom floor!and oh wow,i wanted everything!!!cake stands,snow globes,huge stand up halloween figures...i was so excited!i brought a halloween wreath but left it at that for now.i plan to keep popping back,and then when payday comes...well.....!

grey day monday

i liked this:)

mikee has now almost completed his nazi zombie collection with "dead snow" on dvd

ducks and birds:)

i just remembered that i had taken a few photos on friday,from when mikee and i went to roath park and ate chips in the car.we do this sometimes,and it's oddly romantic!we decided to throw the ducks some chips from our car,and it was so funny how many of them came over!what really made my night was when a few of the ducks quite literally ran over.imagine a human running with their arms pinned to their sides.oh wow,it made me laugh so much!i did take some photos,but they are super blurry...i swear the grease from our chips got on the camera lens!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

gonna give a uk site a try...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

multitasker massacre

trip to the doctors

so last night i finally went to my doctor's to get a prescription and ask a few questions.the doctor asked me if i wanted to try going on 20mg of my antidepressant,rather than the 30mg i've been on for a few years(ish).i said i'd give it a go,and it made me feel good,if i could cut down on the dosage,maybe soon i could ditch them all together.i do feel a little hesitant though,as it makes me feel so ill and out of sorts missing a dosage,so i'm worried i will get similar symptoms by taking less?i mean today i feel a little out of it,and i slept in until 1pm!it's most likely because i forgot to take my tablet on friday.scary that just missing one can have such an effect.i have missed days worth of tablets before and it is not pretty.shivers,tremors,crazy realistic dreams,headache,aches and pains,even dizziness and blurred sight have all occurred.i was in a world of shitness:(
anyway,so i'm not too sure how i will take being on less medication,but we shall see.fingers crossed i don't get the above listed symptoms,and of course,that my crazy ocd behaviour doesn't resurface..!i was actually thinking last night,wouldn't it be insane if it turned out my tablets were placebos?
anyway,besides that,the doctor prescribed me some ointment for my eczema on my ears,which seems to be working so far.but the ingredients tell me it is made of paraffin...and paraffin.nice.i also found out that no CIN has been found in regards to the colposcopy (try and spell it right this time!)which is good,and that just another smear is due in 6 months.the letter had me thinking it was another colposcopy they wanted to do,and it was so vague,it didn't tell me there was no CIN found,just that it came back slightly matter how many times i read up on it all,i'm still not quite sure what CIN is!but i am very relieved to know a little more about the results,and fingers crossed the next six months don't bring up anything more for my next test.

Friday, 28 August 2009

whoa mama

i was meant to be getting tattooed by this wonderful lady last year,but unfortunately had to cancel as my mom's operation was scheduled for the next day.

by valerie takes my breath away how awesome her work is.


our little men have got fleas again!this must be the millionth time in the last week!i am really at the end of my tether,we vacuum all the carpets(having sprayed/powdered/cleaned them first with flea killer/repellent),we buy flea collars(i had to resort to cat flea collars yesterday as they were out of dog collars.i checked the packaging and it didn't say it was harmful for dogs),we bathe them,we pick the fleas off and squish 'em(i'm vegan,it isn't nice to have to do)...but they keep resurrecting and coming back to life!and it breaks my heart to see bambi von and bela so stressed from these little blood sucking critters sucking their souls out!(dramatic?!haha)...but seriously,anyone got any tips?i'm worried that the fleas are gonna hurt the boys or make them sick:(

picnics and charity shops

i wandered into the heaven that is poundland yesterday,to get the little men flea collars(more on that later,bet you can't wait!),and i found something that made me very happy indeed!i have just finished my coconut crumb cake scrub and was kicking myself for not stocking up on it.poundland has awesome stuff come in,but often it seems to be limited/one-off stock.even better than the scrub though,i found some hoooge bottles of the shower gel!i got 3,though i wanted to clear the shelves of them.anyone else get super obsessive when they find something they like?the descriptions on these bathtime goodies are amazing,things like "mermaids singing" and "hint of turqoise" are used to describe the products.and they go all out in making me smile by displaying on the back "tested on us,not animals".eeeeeee<3

gahhhh,horrible picture!wardrobe photos do not prove flattering for me.this was taken in the pdsa charity shop on thursday.sam had stayed over wednesday,as we had originally planned to go to london for the day,where sam wanted to meet a comic book type person(can you tell i don't know who it was?),but we were both a little too broke to go off gallivanting around old london we hit the charity shops on albany road.i thought my outfit was cool(black "parachute" style dress, hoody with ruffle details,primark.wedge patent dolly shoes,demonia),but it looks awful in this the thing i hate about wearing wedges is that if you don't have proportionate legs,you look like you're on stilts.another thing about wedges:it sucks when you're walking down the street and you realise said wedge is coming off!that's right,i thought the right shoe felt odd,and sounded odd.and then i noticed whilst looking in a shop window that it indeed looked odd.kind of like a flip flop.why?because the bigass wedge was coming off and flapping when i lifted my foot up to you do when trying to get somewhere with your looks like my ebay find may have been craftily made to look i good condition,but actually wasn't.though i'm sure that lots of superglue will fix was just annoying as it felt weird,and the only way i could walk without disturbing the wedge was to kinda limp on the one was ruining my excursion,so i brought some comfy looking pump type things for just £4.99.they were better,but i have huge feet for my height(uk 7,blah)so i felt stupid.

that's me in the glass waiting in the chip shop wednesday night.i'm the one you can barely see.

this was yummy,but i'm aware the photo may not show that!after going shopping at asda(fuck walmart!)we were hungry!so we had chips and a potato fritter from the chipshop,and vegan friendly garlic bread and indian snacks(samosas,bhaji's etc).nomnomnom,full tummies.we watched a film called "gone" which was okay,but nothing like we expected.but for £3 i didn't feel too bummed.

the thursday we had hoped to go to the beach for the day,but sam had heard the weather would be icky(it acutally turned out good,but we were already out and about).she brought a picnic basket though,full with delicious vegan snackage!we didn't eat it,but it's the thought that counts:)and the basket was pretty!

she'll make a good leechwife


All dressed in white
come before you, come before you
confused, confused

You study hard and go west
You'll go far, little girl.
Now try hard and be the best
The best in all the world.
You can create a demand
For this your special skill.
You will be healing the ill.
It's surgery, but with no knife.
She'll make a great LeechWife.

You get the suckers to suck
To suck out what is bad.
'Cause this is science not luck.
Luck is not what you've had.
But now you've brought yourself up.
Surprise your Mom and Dad
With this, your special skill.
You will be improving your life.
She'll make a great LeechWife

You don't need no Nu-Age crap.
Good sense is what it makes.
You'll learn it in no time flat.
One leech is all it takes.
It sucks the blood till it's fat.
It's found in ponds and lakes.
The dried up skin then turns black.
You can can be one of the fakes
The quacks and the riff-raff.
She's honing her LeechCraft.

All healed and none killed.
Leech empty, leech filled.
She's honing her LeechCraft skills.
Just think of the folks that she will heal.
She'll make a great LeechWife.

finished piece:

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

not so glum night

last night i was inspired by a comment from the lovely kate(where eagles dare).and that inspiration made me pick up my pencil with a new determination.and the sketch i came up with made me feel good,because it wasn't so's amazing what kind words can do for you!thank you kate<3

the rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and surfing the net.mikee was out in bristol,he'd gone to see leftover crack play at the croft.i love mikee's company but it is always nice to get a little me time.i planned on napping as i felt so tired at work,but once i got home,i didn't feel the need!i even tried lying down a few times but no sleep came.that is weird for me,but good.i shouldn't be napping all the time at my age!
i had also found out the result(finally)of my colcoscopy.the letter still hadn't arrived,so i called the hospital yesterday and they were able to tell me the(rather vague)results.they said they had found a slight abnormality but would do another colcoscopy in 6 months.shame i have to have it done again,but the outcome could have been so much more worrying,so i am very grateful for that.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

i was glum last night

i keep feeling like everything i attempt to do always ends up being okay,but not great.whether it be drawing or crafting.i sat there last night trying to make a handmade purse and i just wasn't feeling it.i have a box of supplies but not enough skills(well,that's what i think).
when i was getting tattooed on saturday,drew and dawnii were encouraging me to not give up on the drawing,and dawnii even said she thought my drawings were lovely.dawnii is an absolute gem of a woman,there is nothing ungenuine(is that a word?!)about her,she's amazing.what they said made me think i shouldn't give up,but i'm still not sure if tattoing is for me.maybe i could just produce art and not tattoo,maybe i could try to get an apprenticeship.i should have done all this when i was 20,i feel like i have wasted years being lazy when i could have been tattooing by's not that i don't have the ambition or the effort in me,but there's something lacking in my dedication.gah,i need to get this sorted!my spare time needs a focus,and i need an artistic epiphany i think!

Monday, 24 August 2009


craftster is awesome! x

Sunday, 23 August 2009

sam times

i'm feeling a little wiped out,hence my blogs tonight being mostly photo based...these pics are from last week when me and sam took the boys to penarth.didn't get any pictures of bam,maybe because he was barking and fussing at every dog that went past?anyway,we had a lovely time.always a pleasure to see my sam<3

more photos from the weekend

my finds at the car boot sales

i got this rabbit ended shelf a few weeks ago and almost forgot about it,silly me!

i have wanted a teapot for ages...i love this

religious items at the carboot!yay!

i have a similar photo album to this,but with edwardian images in it

fabric wall hangings...and NOT bizarre pasties!

shabby chic ducky for the kitchen

zombie peter rabbit anyone?

a russian doll<3

i've joined the white cat jug club!

golly!don't think the people selling it realised how collectable these little dollys are worth,i brought it for 50p:)

two awesome retro decorations for the kitchen!

i found some cute journal supplies:)