Friday, 28 August 2009

picnics and charity shops

i wandered into the heaven that is poundland yesterday,to get the little men flea collars(more on that later,bet you can't wait!),and i found something that made me very happy indeed!i have just finished my coconut crumb cake scrub and was kicking myself for not stocking up on it.poundland has awesome stuff come in,but often it seems to be limited/one-off stock.even better than the scrub though,i found some hoooge bottles of the shower gel!i got 3,though i wanted to clear the shelves of them.anyone else get super obsessive when they find something they like?the descriptions on these bathtime goodies are amazing,things like "mermaids singing" and "hint of turqoise" are used to describe the products.and they go all out in making me smile by displaying on the back "tested on us,not animals".eeeeeee<3

gahhhh,horrible picture!wardrobe photos do not prove flattering for me.this was taken in the pdsa charity shop on thursday.sam had stayed over wednesday,as we had originally planned to go to london for the day,where sam wanted to meet a comic book type person(can you tell i don't know who it was?),but we were both a little too broke to go off gallivanting around old london we hit the charity shops on albany road.i thought my outfit was cool(black "parachute" style dress, hoody with ruffle details,primark.wedge patent dolly shoes,demonia),but it looks awful in this the thing i hate about wearing wedges is that if you don't have proportionate legs,you look like you're on stilts.another thing about wedges:it sucks when you're walking down the street and you realise said wedge is coming off!that's right,i thought the right shoe felt odd,and sounded odd.and then i noticed whilst looking in a shop window that it indeed looked odd.kind of like a flip flop.why?because the bigass wedge was coming off and flapping when i lifted my foot up to you do when trying to get somewhere with your looks like my ebay find may have been craftily made to look i good condition,but actually wasn't.though i'm sure that lots of superglue will fix was just annoying as it felt weird,and the only way i could walk without disturbing the wedge was to kinda limp on the one was ruining my excursion,so i brought some comfy looking pump type things for just £4.99.they were better,but i have huge feet for my height(uk 7,blah)so i felt stupid.

that's me in the glass waiting in the chip shop wednesday night.i'm the one you can barely see.

this was yummy,but i'm aware the photo may not show that!after going shopping at asda(fuck walmart!)we were hungry!so we had chips and a potato fritter from the chipshop,and vegan friendly garlic bread and indian snacks(samosas,bhaji's etc).nomnomnom,full tummies.we watched a film called "gone" which was okay,but nothing like we expected.but for £3 i didn't feel too bummed.

the thursday we had hoped to go to the beach for the day,but sam had heard the weather would be icky(it acutally turned out good,but we were already out and about).she brought a picnic basket though,full with delicious vegan snackage!we didn't eat it,but it's the thought that counts:)and the basket was pretty!

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