Sunday, 23 August 2009

my finds at the car boot sales

i got this rabbit ended shelf a few weeks ago and almost forgot about it,silly me!

i have wanted a teapot for ages...i love this

religious items at the carboot!yay!

i have a similar photo album to this,but with edwardian images in it

fabric wall hangings...and NOT bizarre pasties!

shabby chic ducky for the kitchen

zombie peter rabbit anyone?

a russian doll<3

i've joined the white cat jug club!

golly!don't think the people selling it realised how collectable these little dollys are worth,i brought it for 50p:)

two awesome retro decorations for the kitchen!

i found some cute journal supplies:)


  1. omg wow you got such awesome stuff!

    owl patch! eeeeeeeeeeeeee!xxx