Sunday, 23 August 2009


everyone's been blogging this weekend!is it sad of me to be super excited to read what you've all been up to?if it is,i don't care!
we have not long been back from wolverhampton,where we have been since friday.we found so many awesome finds at the car boot sales we went to!but first of all...i got my feet tattooed!well...i thought my neck was feet were that kind of pain,along with a dose of lightheadedness and queasiness.we had to stop a little while in while i ate a potato fritter (that mikee was lovely enough to get me from the local chipshop)and drank an energy drink...i felt pretty bad.we had to stop several times,and all in all we only got under 2 hours done but drew managed to line both feet which was a miracle considering what an awful tattooee i was being.he seemed really understanding though and let me take a break inbetween feet aren't too sore,just a little swollen.and i love the design he did for me!we plan to get it coloured in next month.the lion is going to be rather dark and the lamb a more "feminine" choice of colours.but drew is going to include colour/shading in both to bring them together.and yes,it is a twilight themed tattoo,i have no shame.i adore twilight,and i adore my feet tattoos!(so far anyway!)

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