Wednesday, 26 August 2009

not so glum night

last night i was inspired by a comment from the lovely kate(where eagles dare).and that inspiration made me pick up my pencil with a new determination.and the sketch i came up with made me feel good,because it wasn't so's amazing what kind words can do for you!thank you kate<3

the rest of the evening was spent just relaxing and surfing the net.mikee was out in bristol,he'd gone to see leftover crack play at the croft.i love mikee's company but it is always nice to get a little me time.i planned on napping as i felt so tired at work,but once i got home,i didn't feel the need!i even tried lying down a few times but no sleep came.that is weird for me,but good.i shouldn't be napping all the time at my age!
i had also found out the result(finally)of my colcoscopy.the letter still hadn't arrived,so i called the hospital yesterday and they were able to tell me the(rather vague)results.they said they had found a slight abnormality but would do another colcoscopy in 6 months.shame i have to have it done again,but the outcome could have been so much more worrying,so i am very grateful for that.


  1. What a lovely drawing. I just love when people's comments inspire me. Love your new header!

  2. Oh, yay!! Well, look at that.
    I love the sketch, its gorgeous.
    Told you could do it!!
    Yes, yes, yes!!
    Go on with your bad self!
    Many, many hugs!!

  3. I think your sketch is awesome, and would make for a wicked tattoo! I hope you colour it and show us!
    You have great talent girl, don't doubt yourself or be so hard on yourself. Just be creative for yourself because you enjoy it, and not for others, and you will soon be surprised how easily it comes once you stop caring whether others will think is good enough or not!
    Thank you for your sweet comments, you are so sweet and encouraging! x