Tuesday, 25 August 2009

i was glum last night

i keep feeling like everything i attempt to do always ends up being okay,but not great.whether it be drawing or crafting.i sat there last night trying to make a handmade purse and i just wasn't feeling it.i have a box of supplies but not enough skills(well,that's what i think).
when i was getting tattooed on saturday,drew and dawnii were encouraging me to not give up on the drawing,and dawnii even said she thought my drawings were lovely.dawnii is an absolute gem of a woman,there is nothing ungenuine(is that a word?!)about her,she's amazing.what they said made me think i shouldn't give up,but i'm still not sure if tattoing is for me.maybe i could just produce art and not tattoo,maybe i could try to get an apprenticeship.i should have done all this when i was 20,i feel like i have wasted years being lazy when i could have been tattooing by now.it's not that i don't have the ambition or the effort in me,but there's something lacking in my dedication.gah,i need to get this sorted!my spare time needs a focus,and i need an artistic epiphany i think!

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  1. Keep working on your artwork, it is NEVER too late. My husband started his tattoo apprenticeship when he was 28.
    Focus and draw everyday..it takes alot of hard work, but I know you can do it!!!!!!
    Lots of hugs.