Monday, 31 August 2009

i heart tk maxx

sam told me that she had seen all the halloween goodies in tk maxx over the weekend.well i nearly wet myself.last years tk maxx halloween stock was amazing.i had waited until just after halloween assuming that they would reduce the stock then.but it turned out they had reduced it before halloween and when i got there,there wasn't much left.i made a sad face then.anyway,we had a walk up town earlier for something to do and i wanted to see if cardiff tk maxx had got their stock in.they didn't appear to have put it out yet,but i was a little relieved as i am so broke right now.but on the way out i spied the halloween goodies on the bottom floor!and oh wow,i wanted everything!!!cake stands,snow globes,huge stand up halloween figures...i was so excited!i brought a halloween wreath but left it at that for now.i plan to keep popping back,and then when payday comes...well.....!

grey day monday

i liked this:)

mikee has now almost completed his nazi zombie collection with "dead snow" on dvd


  1. eeeeeeeeeeeee!

    i need to go to tk maxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. I didn't know it was out on DVD yet! Nice!