Friday, 21 May 2010

Hoover in the ear

No, really! I had my hospital appointment this morning, to finally have my ears checked out by a specialist.

She confirmed that it was most likely me using cotton buds that had infected my ears so often... oops. And the eczema too of course!

Anywho, she said she was going to have a look in my ears with a microscope... my left ear (which is the least sickly of the two!) was a little gunky and such, so she put this hoover tube thing in my ear and sucked it all out... you could even hear the gunk as it came out! To you readers this may sound icky, but to me it was a huge relief to be fixing the problem... and it felt kinda like scratching an itch... so satisfying! I did apologise to the woman though (who was lovely) for having to do it, but she told me not to be silly, and that she actually found her job very satisfying!

Then onto my right ear... this is the worst, and even today it was very blocked, meaning I couldn't hear too great out of it and there was a dull ringing sound... as well as being sore and a bit swollen. So she did the same thing, and it sounded even more icky and gunky... but again, gooooood! However she said there was some wax (so sorry, probably making you retch right now!) impacted on my eardrum (ie. stuck) so it took several tries of putting some drops on, leaving it and hoovering it (with a smaller tube this time) for it to work. This part did hurt quite a lot as the tube was hitting my ear drum, as it was so stuck! But she got it, and immediately my ear felt unblocked and I could hear properly! Again I apologised for being gross!

So, she prescribed me some cream and drops for my ears if they flare up again, and booked me in to check my progress in a months time. My ears were so itchy by this time, but damn, that hooverin' felt good!

So, kids, the moral of the story is eczema and cotton buds do not mix well!


  1. Maybe I need to get that done, because my BF swears I am going deaf!!!

  2. I am a bit obsessed with cleaning my ears with cotton buds, maybe I need to rethink that! Wish kiddo could just have his ear hoovered, he's got to have a hearing aid:-(. Hopefully just til he's 7/8 tho.