Monday, 24 May 2010

Catching up on Formspring

whats your biggest regret?
Some regrets I have would be too personal for my liking to post on here. But one regret I don't mind telling people is staying with my ex for so long. If someone hits you or treats you badly, it will NEVER change, so get out of there. I do look back on those years and think what a total waste, but then you can't really think like that, because then I may not be where I am now in life, and I am very happy right now, which I wouldn't change for the world.

Are you enjoying this glorious sunshine?
Yes thank you, very much so :) Though I will always be a Winter girl at heart, it's nice not having to wrap up loads, and going out on little day trips.

do you want children and when?
I would eventually like children... maybe when I'm around 30? Having said that, that's only 4 years away.... eeeek! Hmmm... maybe we'll see how it goes then?!

Where in the world would you most like to visit and why?
Hmmmm... I'm not much of a traveller to be honest. Though having said that there are a ton of places I would like to go! I would love to go to America, and basically go all around there. I love SO many things about American culture, it would be a real treat to finally go there.
I would also love to go to 'Pig Island' in the Bahamas... I can't remember it's actual name but there are wild pigs who live on the beach of the island, whom the locals are very proud of and feed. When boats come near the shore the pigs swim out for food and treats, it is sooo amazing!
There's videos of this on youtube, as well as videos of the pigs playing fetch and such in the water with visitors... just goes to show that pigs are sooo close to what we see as 'domesticated' pets, and we should stop eating them! To visit these pigs would blow my mind and melt my heart all at once :)
I would also like to visit Japan, as I love so many aspects of the culture.

would you say you were a shallow person?
I'm too deep for my own good, I constantly make my life more difficult by overthinking things and just because I enjoy wearing make-up and hair extensions doesn't mean I'm shallow.

if someone offered you a million pounds but you had to have all your tatoos removed (by magic, no laser removal or time consuming procedures) would you accept the cash?
no way.

Would you rather go to a pub for a quiet drink and chat with friends or go to a club and dance the night away with them?
I am much more the 'quiet drink' kind of person, I think because I got a lot of the 'clubbing' out of my system when I was 18! Having said that I think it is great to cut loose now and again, and have too much to drink and generally have a good time (not that you have to drink too much to have a good time!)
To be totally honest, my idea of a perfect night would be staying in with good food and drink, and good company... oh, and my two furry boys Bambi and Bela! It probably sounds pretty dull, but I'm a homebody and no longer 20, so I don't care hehe.

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  1. I'd soooo get rid of all my tattoos for a million!

    Use the money to get good stuff instead - bye bye Loz tattoos, hellooo UA and Eckel! :) x