Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The weekend in pictures... (picture heavy)


I went with Mikee to go and see his friend's band play in Buffalo Bar (where Vintage Pretty is held every month). It was weird to be there for some other reason! I wasn't keen on the first two bands, but the main band Zonderhoof were awesome. And I was super chuffed when Mikee's good friend (and Buffalo's promoter/events manager)Ben showed me that they'd included VP in their listings, which are on huge posters and (apparently) all over town.
Afterwards we went to Wok To Walk, where I had my new favourite: Veggie Dish (broccoli, mushrooms etc) with tofu and Shanghai sauce. I was actually really disappointed this time as the vegetables weren't cooked enough for my liking, I prefer 'em soggy and not too crunchy! Nevermind, I still ate a good amount!

We went to Barry beach (the nice part... aka. not the part where all the idiots go and by the tacky amusements etc.)
* Please excuse the baaad pictures, think maybe I got some sand on the lense and didn't realise 'til after I saw the photos!

The weather has been beautiful this past weekend/few days... so sunny and hot! We let the boys off their lead for a little while as the beach wasn't too busy (though I always have to be ready to grab them both if they run off towards a dog/person/ANYTHING they don't like!) I love to see them running free, I wish they were better behaved so we could always let them off their leads!

Mikee is looking so cute lately...

Mikee taking a picture of me taking a picture of him.

Bambi looks like a different dog when he's wet! So tiny and cute!

Feet! (The water was so beautiful).

I Love Junko (Mikee's online nickname thingy hehe).
We managed to coax Bambi and Bela into the water and we were so delighted to see that they actually swam! And before they even got to the water! Bela didn't mind it too much but Bambi was not keen at all! Though at the time he seemed to enjoy the paddle! We were mainly trying to cool them off as it was soooo hot, the water was cold and shallow, so lovely. Anyway, here's a video... I have no idea how I merged them all together, I must have pressed something! Ha! (Please ignore me saying pretty much the same thing over and over... I sound like a chipmunk). EDIT: So I couldn't get the video to transfer from my phone, so I will do that after I have done this post!

We went for a lovely walk to Pontypool Park to see the Shell Grotto. Mikee's friend Leigh works there, but I ahd been told how awesome it was anyway! Again the weather was very hot and very sunny...

The walk up to the Grotto was so beautiful, though my little legs were dying... I am so unfit! On the way up there there were a couple of women walking their dogs... all 3 of their dogs toddled up to say hi to Bambi and Bela... but our two being so antisocial didn't appreciate it. This didn't seem to faze the one adorable dog though who kept coming back! Eventually Mikee had to pick our two up to stop any blood being shed! Shame too as the dogs were so cute, and Bambi and Bela would have had a great time playing with their new friends!

I got a few nice pictures on the way up...

When we finally reached the top (I was almost on the floor by then... despite it only being a 5 minute walk up the hill!), Leigh greeted us and we had a look in the infamous Grotto. But not before we saw the lovely trio of dogs again. Bambi actually took great interest in the girls of the pack (we've noticed he does this... maybe because he has sisters?) and even rubbed noses with one! However Bela was still a naughty little thing... and Bambi eventually went to nip one of the dogs and caught my knee making a very attracive bruise. Eeeep.
I found the Grotto slightly creepy... it is quite literally made out of shells and rock and stalactites... but the floor is entirely created out of animal bones and teeth. Really creeped me out. If it interests you click here!

Once we had a little look round (it's only small) we chilled out on the hillside eating and chatting.

And finally we braved the walk back down to the car, this time was lovely though as it was all downhill!

Although I'm more of a Autumn/Winter girl, I do love that we can do more things in the nice weather. It was so nice just to chill out and take the boys out in the sun. We had a lovely weekend!


  1. Aww Pontypool is where I grew up! It's really nice seeing it through the eyes of someone else :) I used to take the park very much for granted (it's where I used to drink cider on a Friday night, the perils of misspent youth!). The grotto is pretty creepy...my dad used to tell me it was a witches house when I was a kid, and I was too scared to go near it! xxx

  2. I just watched "Wild Wales ep1" on the i-player and the shell house was on it!

    The first time I'd heard of it was readying your blog, and the second was just now on the beeb. It looks like a really creepy place with all those bones on the floor. Incredibly beautiful though.

    Your goggies are so cute! Want! x

  3. 「不可能」這個字詞,在聰明人的字典中是找不到的。........................................

  4. Why have I never been there?!?!

    Trip there soon methinks! :) x