Thursday, 20 May 2010

Phew! What a night!

But, not in a good way... Mikee and I were kept awake most of last night by the neighbours downstairs.

These neighbours have been a pain up until now. While Mikee was out of work, some benefits were owed to him. Two cheques he was expecting didn't turn up. After several meetings with the Council, it turned out that someone had cashed these cheques themselves, ie. stolen the money. We're pretty sure we know who did it... especially as I have had letters and parcels also not turn up, though bills and whatnot always have... hmmm.

Anyway, so last night, from around 7pm onwards, we were subjected to the noises of shouting (the neighbours are two men, a couple from what we know), what sounded like the entire flat being trashed, and almost constant banging of doors.

We had arrived back from the supermarket around 7pm last night, and we saw the two neighbours both storming out the building. When I went in through the front door, their dog (whom I love!) TJ was in the hall on his own! They had left their door wide open and he had trotted out. Now TJ is a sweetheart, he always looks super lonely, and whines and whimpers whenever we go past their front door. Sometimes he even looks longingly out the front window at us/Bambi and Bela. And often he gets shut out in the back yard (which is when I sneakily drop chewy sticks down from the kitchen window for him...). So anyway, it took Mikee's strength (hehe) to pop him back into their flat and shut the door, though he kept coming out! He was so friendly and so excited, he even peed a little on both of us! By the time we'd gently pushed him back in the neighbours came back in and apologised.

Anyway, so the shouting started not long after and continued through the night... I mean, everyone argues, but this was horrendous, and the extremely loud music all night made it a nightmare. We were so close to ringing the police, but decided against it. Even Bambi was frightened, snuggling into me in bed. (Bela didn't seem to care, he's a laid back kinda fella!) So we eventually fell sleep, though I think it may only have been a couple of hours.

Needless to say I rang the landlord straightaway this morning!

All of this is putting Mikee off where we live I think, but I have to say I like where we are now, the only thing I would like more is if we had a garden (mainly for Bam and Bela). I'm hoping these neighbours will get moved out, as we just can't settle with such volatile people living beneath us, and it's got to the point now where we are worried about possessions going missing, and the safety of leaving our flat unattended.


  1. eugh sounds horrible! you guys are so kind, i would have flipped at them lol. hope everything works out for yous

  2. INSANE!!!! That sounds so terrible. You guys were way cooler than I would have been. People can be so rude when they live in close quarters to others.

  3. Ah thanks lovely ladies, though believe me, I can be a total terror when it comes to getting into full blown arguments over things like this... but when I realise that if I get involved I could get hurt, or (more importantly in my eyes... is that wrong?) Mikee could, I totally have no problem with not storming down there...

  4. How sad to have such yucky neighbors! Hopefully the landlord will take care of everything for you!