Wednesday, 19 May 2010

do u have any piercings?

I have my ears pierced, but never wear jewellery in them. In the past I have had my 'lowbret' pierced, which I did love and was sad to take out. I have also had the side of my lip pierced and my ears a few times. I've always been more of a tattoo kinda gal, though I think piercings can look awesome! I would love my cheeks pierced, but a. I wouldn't want the actual procedure done, sounds a bit scary and b. I already have natural dimples so I guess for that reason I don't need the piercings! I would also love to have my ears stretched a lot, but I had a very feeble try once and then just could not be bothered!
Thanks for the question :)

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  1. i only have the medusa piercing and stretched ears... i'm more into tattoos i think :-)

    I find that cheeks pierced are so beautiful! i don't know why but it's kind of cute :-p