Saturday, 15 May 2010

It's a sunny Saturday afternoon.

So, I'm gonna try and do a little blogging! I am just in the middle of making some trinket boxes for the next Vintage Pretty, but thought I'd have a little break.

This week has been a weird one. I have only worked 2 days (Monday and Wednesday) as I (once again) had an ear infection. This time has probably been the worst, with my right ear almost totally blocked/deaf and pain around my ear. Both the back and front areas around my ear have been very swollen and sore, but luckily I'm feeling a lot better now! I did go into work on Wednesday as I felt a little better (and always feel a little guilty being off work) but then on the evening I felt rotten, so had the next day and the TFriday off. Work were okay about it, and I made sure I gave my manager a copy of the hospital letter for my appointment next week. Just so they know I'm not making it up! Seriously, it's gone on for so long now, off and on, I wouldn't blame my managers for thinking I was making it all up!

Today has been a bit, hmmm, lonesome I suppose. Mikee left about 10am as he is helping a band out that he knows on some video shoot they're doing (sounds quite rock and roll don't it, hehe). So I got up just after, tidied up a little, walked the boys and headed into town. I needed to get some new materials (namely some lace) and some not-too-interesting purchases, such as shampoo and shower gel. It takes a fair amount of time to find suitable toiletries, as hardly any say 'vegan friendly', though I seem to usually find something in Superdrug. So I ended up getting some coconut and shea butter body scrub (I love the mixture of the two ingredients!), and just boring plain shampoo. But then almost straight after I found some Original Source shower gel in Poundland... so I'm actually looking forward to shower time later, haha!

But yeah, I've been feeling lonely lately, and more than a bit anxious. I'm lucky in that I do see Mikee a lot more than some girlfriends see their boyfriends, but with him working evenings and me working in the day, we don't get much quality time together. The only plus about being off ill this week has been spending more time with Mikee.

I really need some more friends I think. As much as I enjoy my own company, I'm quite a loner I think, it would feel better to know that I had friends there to meet up with sometimes. As strange as it sounds, I miss Heidi so so much at the moment. Strange as she doesn't live in Cardiff anyway! But Heidi has been in America for just over a week on her Trek America trip... I miss her soooo much! She has been updating her Facebook with awesome pictures of the trip so far, and has messaged me a few times... but I cannot wait until she is back in the UK! Besides, I can't wait to go back to texting every day.

Anyway, after shopping I came back home. I had only been an hour but it felt like double that... I guess time goes slow when you're alone?

On the way back though I thought of all the people/animals in the world and the appalling lives they have... and that made me pull myself together. I can get easily depressed, though never to the point where I think I am the worst off. I know I have got such a good life, and I am so grateful for everything I have! I suppose we all have blue days sometimes?!

Once home I made a really yummy vegan pizza and watched 500 Days of Summer while I crafted... I love that film so much! Though Summer is so not the kind of person I like... I see myself more in Tom than her. I'm usually the person who does all the chasing, and the one who feels heartbreak rather easily.

So, that's a very short update! Back to sticking stuff onto... stuff, haha.


  1. wish I wasn't working so much lately, or I'd be at yours all the time! :(


  2. Aw, I know how you feel about not seeing the boy much! Ravi and I were opposite schedules for a long while, too, and it really got me down sometimes! But he would always push me to enjoy the time we did have together, so always try to enjoy Mikee while you're with him!!

    I know how you feel about not having a lot of friends to turn to! I spend a lot of time at home with my pets, and try to be content with that, but luckily I do have my bestie, Sandy, but sooner or later she and I will moving, and I'll have to make myself step out of my comfort zone!