Friday, 14 May 2010

why dont you ever wear your hair without extentions? are you bald underneath? lol

Hmm... I do love how people use Formspring to be rather rude and obnoxious! But this question makes me giggle rather than get angry. If you knew me for real, you would know that I almost always have my hair 'without extensions' when at home. I choose to wear extensions for one main reason, and this is kinda crazy... so bare with me! I like extensions. Wild huh?! I don't have to wear extensions, but I choose to. My own hair doesn't really interest me, but if interested, it is just above shoulder length, the back is dreaded and the front is a short fringe. But I love the fun of extensions and the fact that you can have crazy and different hair whenever you want!

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  1. I didn't ask this question but I never thought of your hair like that. I thought it was long and you just added the extensions for the extra umph you know. Can we see what your hair looks like?

  2. haha, I love how positively you took this question! I also love that when people are no longer attached to what they say, they pretty much say the craziest things!!

  3. Dorian: It's only small, but my user pic is me without my extensions in and make-up on... it's not a very good example though! I just don't enjoy how I look without either really, so I rarely take photos!

    Stephanie: I know right? Some people are very funny creatures!