Thursday, 8 October 2009

so i found out from the birmingham hunt sabs,that the tories plan to legalise fox hunting should they win the desperate are they to indulge in,quite literally,blood sports?this is morally,and in every other possible way,wrong.this is awful.
on a slightly more positive note,the email i found this out from was the email from the bham hunt sabs,accepting my offer to donate anything i make at the vegan festival to them.this is awesome.i just hope i sell some stuff now!i am attempting a sock monkey that may well be another item that will be on sale on the day!


  1. good luck with the selling! if some doesnt sell then more things for ebay!=]

    and i will personally kick the tories should they someone skulk into power. bastard labours fault for bumming it up!

  2. Hate fox hunting, adore foxes...In my younger years I lead the hounds off the scents...