Thursday, 22 October 2009


so i have some time to blog finally!it's not even like i haven't been on the internet for ages,to be honest when i am on i'm mainly on facebook!and to think i despised it previously.i still do hate the government connections,but besides that,it is pretty fun and simple to use.if it wasn't for nobody being on myspace anymore i probably wouldn't have reactivated my very old and neglected facebook account...but twitter is crap (tried it for a week or so and got a little bored with it),and there's nobody to chat to on myspace anymore!except maybe scene kids with initials in brackets after their name.ha!so for now,i'm digging facebook.i've been in touch with some old school friends,most of whom i deleted a few days after,as they didn't speak and neither did i.i don't like looking back,so i'm in no rush at all to rekindle friendships from when i was 16.unfortunately i just didn't make any long lasting friendships back then,even though i loved their company at the time.
and besides facebook,i've been busy...although most of the "busy" being at home!i've basically been coming from home after work,having an hour chill-out and then getting to work on items for my stall this week at the vegan festival.i did almost start to freak out,but last night i relaxed a little as i could see that i did in fact have quite a lot to take with i spent a few hours going over all my items,checking that they were all neat and tidy (i'm a messy girl with glue!)and popping price tags on them.i have tried to price them pretty low,as i'm not sure how many people will really be into what i'm doing.if it was a craft fair i think i may sell more,but as it's a vegan fair and my items aren't vegan based (they are 100% vegan,though not necessarily vegan influenced...not quite sure how to explain!)i may find that i don't sell much.but i would love to as i am donating the proceeds to the birmingham hunt sabs.i am planning to keep my train fare as i am having to make a special trip back to do it,and i could do with getting my £30 back as things are a little tight at the moment!so anyway,i will be able to blog about how the fair went after saturday...fingers crossed!
and besides that,i haven't done an awful lot!i saw my family over the weekend in wolves which was fab (although i missed mikee and bambi and bela!),although my twin brother is having relationship problems right now and it's sad.sad as i know how stressful it can be.but also sad as it may mean i don't see my brother's (now ex?) girlfriend again.we've never chatted much,but she's always seemed a lovely girl and i hate to think of how she's feeling right now:(
and finally,i have been loving seeing new films this month!to finish my blog,i will list what i have watched...and what i thought!<3

500 days of summer...loved it!i love films like this,they always warm my heart.
dead girl...creepy and a little tough to get into but ultimately good!
jennifer's body...pretty good,though megan fox doesn't do it for me,can't really see the fascination with her at all.lame.
halloween 2...i went to see this at the cinema with was pretty good,but rob zombie's films don't really move me much,besides thinking "oh,this is creepy"
paranormal activity...oh my!this film is being advertised as being "the new blair witch project".i can see the similarities...hand held camera,only a few characters,documentary feel,CREEPY AS FUCK.i had to keep stopping what i was doing as i watched it last night (i'm usually making/sewing/crafting something when watching films) was so scary and so creepy.i loved it.i really did.and for the first time in years,i felt a bit weirded out being in a dark flat after watching it.go see this.or,ahem,stream it.
nick and norah's infinite playlist...micheal cera <3 he's awesome!
big man tokyo...literally saw some of this on my lunch break was kinda bizarre,but what i saw of it i really loved! first i wasn't sure what to make of it.but having seen it twice now,and having had time to think it over,i really like it.obviously it wouldn't compare to donnie darko...but it has a special charm all of it's own.and the soundtrack (by ed harcourt)is of my favourites being 'the carnival is over' by dead can dance.

anywho!i think that is it for me.i feel super tired and much as i've enjoyed being busy busy with preparations for the festival,i will be glad when it's over.i'm a little nervous as it's only me on the stall all day!but i'm hoping i will be fine once i've got over having to go in there and set up alone!lonesome times,hehe x


  1. can i be a complete nonce and ask a little favour? could you make paragraphs a little smaller? i'm a bit cack at reading sometimes and keep getting lost when i'm reading lines.... which isnt good as it makes me stop reading! if you do i'd be grateful and can read your blogs more=] and i'll make sam buy you something lovely for it too!

  2. hahah i agree kev! i get lost too but thats cos im a spack.

    and 'ria i'd love to buy you a present but as i have 56p in my bank account until the 30th, i can afford NOTHING! :(

    miss you, need to see you soon please xxx