Friday, 9 October 2009

jennifers body

i loved it!but i have to say,megan fox: you were the least best thing about it!really...all i noticed was your legs,your butt,your boobs...and not because i wanted just seemed to focus on you...and not your acting.but as that isn't exactly deep,maybe that's for the best.the film was a little lame in places,but i kinda liked had so many randoms in it too...juno's dad,"all babies want to be bored"girl from juno(obviously due to it being a diablo cody film),adam brody(oc),amanda seyfried(mean girls)and the kid from haunting in connecticut...i seriously enjoyed it.
and i will leave you with my current favourite song...


  1. Aww that AFI song upset me!

    Where are the goth punk afi from the days of yore? :(


    film looks fun though xxx

  2. let me guess,you don't like decemberunderground either?haha x

  3. see, i think megan fox is a good looking thing, but her acting is very soso. you can see why shes being catwoman in the new batman. so gutted tho... i want an actress not eye candy!!

  4. i dont my deer, i dont!

    it made me sad! I could just about deal with sing the sorrow, but makes me sad :(

    i'm gonna buy myself a cineworld cinema pass, get your ass one too and we'll go cinema all the time :) xxx