Sunday, 11 October 2009

wok to walk!

mikee took us for dinner at the newish place,wok to walk in cardiff city centre.and i loved it!it only came to £11ish for the both of us,and i loved eating in there,it was something different to what we usually do (ie.not eat out),and it was really yummy too!i had the wholewheat noodles with tofu and saigon sauce(garlic and black pepper),mikee had the same but with the hot sauce.the tofu was delicious and the noodles were tasty too!i think it is safe to say i intend to eat there again!lewis had bumped into us shortly before that,so he tagged along.he didn't have anything to eat as he was broke.but then that's what you get for spending over £100 on a halloween outfit!a character from the walking dead comics apparently!it was nice to spend some time with lewis.we used to be housemates,then i moved upstairs and we were flatmates.we had a big bust up,which also lost me another friend along the way,but we made it up not long ago.i'm glad to say it was me who initiated the making up.i can be an arse,but i'm not afraid to say sorry.the other friend who had been pretty pissed off with me (though i was definitely not the only one to blame)at the time...well,with her it's not so simple.she's the friend that i was meeting up with after months of not i left it to her to arrange it after she had cancelled the initial 'date',and it felt like i was running after her,but she just didn't.i gotta be honest,it really fucked me up.if she meant it to pay me back for the past (she'd got pissed off with me letting her down a lot in one short space of time,cancelling seeing her etc.what can i say,i had months of pain with my teeth and it wasn't for no reason),it sure has all made me feel pretty shit and worthless.and although i enjoyed seeing lewis today,it reminded me of a year or so ago where i had more friends than was normal for me,and now i don't have many at 3...and i came away from it feeling like crap.
but hey,i'm over it now,and just hoping some good friends come along my way,who i can connect with and who just 'gets' me and my funny ways.
here's a few pictures for now,i'm so busy getting things ready for the vegan stall i don't have much time to blog(for once!)
the one picture with lewis in made me laugh,he looks kinda weird and retarded!xxx

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