Tuesday, 13 October 2009

mikee's birthday

mikee turned 27 yesterday!as the laptop i brought for him was his main present,i only got him a couple of small gifts as i'm pretty broke until payday(which is this week luckily!).i got him two dvds:tokyo zombie(japanese shaun of the dead apparently)and zombie honeymoon(which looks a little lame,but was pretty cheap anywho,and i knew mikee hadn't seen it already).i also made him a sock monkey of his very own,though i haven't got a picture of it yet!in the day he visited his mom,while i was at a personal safety training course for work.and then in the evening we went for a few drinks in buffalo bar in town.it's pretty pricey there(well by my standards,i don't believe in going to pricey places usually!)but we had an awesome time.mikee was a little worried that no-one would turn up(it was just us two and his friend tom by then)but when we got there 4 of his friends were there waiting,which i thought was quite sweet!he seemed relieved and chuffed that they'd turned up:)our friend merry also came along later,it was nice to see him as it had been ages!i think everyone brought mikee at least one drink so he ended up VERY drunk(never seen him that drunk before!)and i probably drank a little too much too.but we had a great laugh and had some yummy noodles from wok to walk.we were home and in bed around 12am and seen as i had work the next day,it turned out to be a pretty perfect night.some pictures...

mikee and merry


mikee,merry,me(oh dear lord!i look so awful!time to get rid of the impossible emo side fringe i think!and maybe not grimace like that...haha!)

ben and mikee

drunk mikee!

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