Friday, 2 October 2009


i knew that i LIKED juno...but it was playing in painted lady tattoo studio last time i was there getting tattooed,and i thought,maybe i should watch it i brought it from tesco when we went food shopping the other night, as well as another michael cera film 'nick and norah's infinite playlist', which i'm looking forward to seeing.i watched it last night and LOVED it third time around.and i thought i hated juno's character...but i don't.and i know everybody is like,"aw,bleeker!"...but so am i.he's so gentle and sweet!melted my heart!


  1. First I loved Juno, Cera is my man and Nick and Norah is super fun!!! I am excited about going to see Whip it this weekend!

  2. If you get a chance, watch the show Arrested Development. Michael Cera is hilarious in that. And yes, that was a total aside I just launched at you.

  3. I agree on the arrested development series. It's a different funny but a really good show.

  4. oooh i can watch micheal cera tv stylee too?awesome stuff!!!!x

  5. Hi, I arrived back from France, and am very relaxed. Sorry to hear of your trauma with the car and Tenby, I've had many encounters with police where they have behaved in a very fascist way, it's very disheartening, and kinda makes me sad that humans can be such pricks. Apparently police worldwide behave in much the same way, they must breed them to be specifically like that.
    The actress who plays Juno is in the most fabulous wonderful film 'Hard Candy', which if you haven't already seen, then you must, it's fab, fab, fab.
    See you soon,

  6. oooh,i loved hard candy!i need to buy that actually:)just watching a film now with bleeker(juno's boyfriend)in it(micheal cera),it's really good!
    i hate police to be honest,i really do:(
    glad you had a good time,looking forward to seeing you back at work x