Thursday, 8 October 2009


so,it's about time i updated this blog!i have been totally preoccupied with facebook lately,which i never thought i'd say.i used to hate it and think it was evil,but at the moment it's kinda fun reconnecting with old friends,or people i haven't seen for a while.a few people have asked me where i've been,saying they haven't seen me for ages.i used to see them sometimes when i used to actually have a social life and go out,and it's kinda nice to think they noticed i wasn't around!and i appreciate them saying hello too,little things like that can really make you feel see,i've been feeling pretty lonely and fed up these last few days.mikee has only just started his month of solid work (working every night except monday's and the occasional day off),but i'm already missing him being at home in the evenings.i get to spend my dinner hour at home with him,but he has to leave for work just before i finish my working day.and thn he's not back until around 2am,by which time i'm fast asleep!a few times i haven't even heard him come in,now that must be some deep sleep!i mean,don't get me wrong,i love my alone time and i'm more used to my own company than anything else,but i have been feeling a little isolated lately.and i think it may be because i can see people's photos(and essentially their lives!)on facebook,and i keep getting the old twinge that i haven't had for a long while,which is the twinge of "everyone else is out having fun and i'm stuck here alone missing out".this goes back to when i was a kid.i used to pretty much get miserable if the other kids were outside playing and i was inside on my own,for whatever reason.even though those kids were my friends's like i used to basically have SAD but in summer(the majority of people seem to get it in winter).and i think that was due to it being lighter for longer,and i used to feel restless,as if i should be out with friends,but i was indoors and not with friends.i was a gothic girl even back then!but anyway,enough meandering off the subject...basically i'm finding it a little boring with mikee being at work so much:/ but!my bestest friend ever(no,i'm not 12)saffy came over on tuesday night,with her fiance steve.i have not seen her for quite literally months,as she moved to worcester.and as i was feeling a little lonely also,it was especially nice to spend time with her.saffy and i don't get up to an awful lot when we see each other,we basically just chat shit.but it's wonderful!i don't feel like i have to try at all with her,and she's just perfect for me.she's got a little wicked edge to her(we've been known to bitch about people together,ooops)but she's also a great listener and a true individual.she really does stick to what she believes in and i trust her so was nice to see steve again too,as i've only met him once.the first time i met him he was very hyper,and a little drunk i think!but he was lovely.this time he was a lot more mellow and sober,and still lovely to chat to.and he obviously loves saffy to bits.they brought up their engagement,which i had totally forgotten about!they plan to get married in vegas,which is SO them!they're like the cutest rockabilly couple around,but without the poser-ish side that some "rockabilly" people have!we all had a drink(i gave them margharita(which after tasting,i felt bad about...i did not like it at all!)and a chat,and saffy gave me some gorgeous flowers:)i had brought her some halloween biscuits and cakes,and also popped in her halloween trick or treat bag(20p from tesco!)a copy of 'the host' by stephanie meyer,and a framed vicky morgan postcard.i had such a good time,and it just reminded me of how much i miss her.but as long as she's happy,even if it's not in wales,that's all i care about.

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