Tuesday, 6 October 2009

who's my favourite little blog?

you are!:)
i have neglected this for the past few days,and for that there are a few reasons:twitter.facebook.ear infection.lack of anything interesting to say.laziness?
but i am back and planning to blog just as much as i usually do!as mentioned above i have discovered twitter,which i find quite fun...especially as it's somewhere designed for you to talk about totally random stuff to no-one in particular!i don't have many followers on there,but i'm following a fair few people myself.so far,it's a novelty to me i guess!and i also did something i said i wouldn't do,which is have a facebook profile!(or in my case,as i had one ages ago,re-activating it!)i have a fair few friends on there,and it's weird,but a few of them are from quite literally years ago!i'm not one for "blasts from the past",there's something about the past which depresses me...is that sad?i just don't like looking back once it has passed.it doesn't make me smile.but the facebook experience has been positive so far,and it definitely seems to be where everyone has been!myspace has been quiet lately,and now i see why!they're all on facebook!myspace is still my favourite,but there's not many people to chat to lately...all this social networking is tiresome!haha.
i was actually off work yesterday with an ear infection.i have a tendency to get horrible eczema in my ears and as i can't seem to stop poking and prodding,i think i have inflamed my ear and got myself an ear infection.so the doctor prescribed me antibiotics and an inner ear spray.i'm not going to use the antibiotics unless i need to.the spray is...weird.it's got quite a harsh little pump action to it,and it stings a little when you use it.but it's not too bad,so i'm gonna see if i can just use that rather than the tablets.antibiotics are not nice at all,blah.plus you don't know how they have been tested in the past...so i do my best to steer clear.as i was feeling a little woozy and out of it,i called my driving instructor to try and rearrange my appointment.i felt so bad as the first appointment was rearranged due to our car being taken by the police(whom i still hate),but i did not feel up to driving.it was quite odd,but my instructor persuaded me to try an hour session(rather than hour and a half)and see how i got on.although i felt pretty ill,it actually went fine and i was pleased to have done it!i HATE the feeling cancelling/rearranging gives me,so it was good to get the lesson done.the lesson went well(i think!)and don(my new instructor)is really nice,a lot more laid back than my previous instructor.i have a feeling it may be due to my last instructor being a woman.i find it easier to get on with men.they're less bitchy for sure!anyway,i had been meaning to ask don in the first lesson how i was getting on with driving(as a first impression)but i forgot.so i asked him last night and he basically said that i need to use my iniatitive more and not be scared to make mistakes!he said that our next lesson would be less like a driving lesson,and more like just driving around without instruction.haha,that will be interesting!i do see what he means,i am a little hesitant,even when i think i know what to do!i REALLY want to pass as soon as possible,especially as i passed my theory test on friday(which i am glad to have over and done with!)
so that's basically what i have been up to!apologies if this blog is a bit of a muddled mess,but i always find it a little dull typing up days of events!definitely prefer to blog on the same day!

hope you are all well,i have a little catching up to do,i'm sure it'll keep me busy if work gets quiet!


ps. new moon is scheduled for release in the uk on 20th november, same date as the us.i cannot wait!i almost upset myself earlier thinking about if the cinemas get totally sold out before i get our tickets!yes,i am a geek.but a geek with passions!(including twilight/new moon!)

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  1. OH MY - I feel so bad, i will follow you this evening, i have not opened my lap top yet and at work they banned us, (can you believe it) - how rude! LOL!
    Hugs & x