Tuesday, 30 June 2009

teeth again pain again

i was off work again today,due to me spending most of last night curled up in bed with killer tooth pain.it sucked because mikee had planned for us to have an 80s film night;big,uncle buck and commando.i only got through 3/4 of big...oh i do love that film.but by then i had to go to bed,the pain was unbearable.
luckily after i'd finished work a little earlier on we had popped to the park in town for a bit which was lovely.we ate some chips and just relaxed.well,until some loser walked too close to us and bambi jumped at his leg and tried to bite it:S i did apologise for it,but this man and his two friends seemed to purposely walk so close to us as if to be intimidating.i thought there was going to be trouble,and that was before bambi went for him.so when the man snarled that he would kill bambi,i told him not to be a wanker and that maybe he shouldn't walk so close to people.bambi can be naughty but people should be wary of strange dogs,they can't just walk right next to them and assume the dog won't get scared or freaked out.i got called a slut for my troubles and they walked on.afterwards i felt really bad.i never think before i speak in these sitauations and i should.so many bad things happen nowadays,just out the blue,and i shouldn't take people on.it's not worth it.and when i realised that i could have gotten mikee in trouble,as this man was with two friends,i felt so bad.i'm too mouthy sometimes.
well anyway...so i went to the local emergency dentists today who told me what i expected,that my lower wisdom tooth is causing this horrendous pain,and that i would have to get to the emergency dental department at the hospital.which is what i thought.my wisdom tooth is actually growing towards the front of the mouth,as opposed to towards the roof of my mouth as they normally do.oh,and it's also decayed apparently.they said the procedure could involve cutting the gum open and maybe even drilling through the bone?!therefore the hospital is best equipped for that.bring on the pain and awful procedure if it means i get rid of this pain i've had for months now.so now i just need to get to the hospital for 7.30am tomorrow and hope there are tickets left,as it is first come first served.fingers crossed.

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