Sunday, 28 June 2009

surprise saturday #2

the second part of the day that mikee had conjured up was a barbecue in sophia gardens in is a huge park that we've both never been was so lovely.except bam and bela were their usual grumpy selves,barking at any dogs that came near!a gorgeous little bichon frise really wanted to come over to say hello,but was eventually deterred by our two little terrors:( so we cooked vegan sausages on the barbecue,ate all of them,and had a gorgeous time!unfortunately it was cut short as mikee got some grass/dirt in his eye,leading to a lot of pain and a search for the toilets so he could swill his eye out!my hayfever then decided to act up(sympathy pains?!) and my eyes were in agony!home time we decided.we were maybe going to see misfits in newport on the evening,but mikee's friend (the club promoter) didn't get back to us about being on the guest list as promised...and £17 each to get in just wasn't an option,plus we were both exhausted from our day out!
* camera phone was constantly fucking up and not taking pictures,hence why i'm not looking at the camera in the pic with bela...just expected it not to take!!!i need a nice new camera...any suggestions anyone?


  1. You guys are so cute, especially your sweet little puppy!