Monday, 22 June 2009


i'm pretty sure i will need to come back to the topic of my dad (as this post is about the weekend i spent at home for father's day) at some point.he is my rock.i would be lost without him.he is the best friend and the best father i could ever hope to wish for.but it would take a whole blog entry on it's own to even try put that into words!but this weekend i went back to see's strange,having started to use the trains again,it feels like mikee drivingus never happened.i remember saying how lucky i felt to be driven there and back,and that i wouldn't use the trains again,after a year or so of using them EVERY weekend.but now i'm back on the trains (as the car needs servicing or something or other)it's not too bad.just miss having mikee and the boys with me.though i do feel like a mommy having a break from the kids for the weekend!the weekend was lovely and consisted of the usual,charity shop shopping and seeing my family.we're very much a small family,never really mixed with the extended family.which is fine by me,as unfortunately my moms brother and sister are idiots,and i just don't really know my dad's side.speaking of family,a lot of the weekend was nan turns 94 today.she has a good support dad has been going everyday for YEARS,now his sister is back living in the area,she goes down often(though not often enough)and her daughters also do a lot for my nan.but my nan...her age means that she has pretty much lost her way of thinking.she seems to be in another world now,and cannot manage to do the smallest thing.the worst part of this weekend,is seeing that she doesn't know who my dad,her son, has obviously broken his heart and i think it's really sunk in now that it may not be a way i wish for it,because my nan is living no kind of a life,she needs a release.she is such a strong woman but you obviously can't avoid old age.

one of the views from the train, i think somewhere near chepstow/bristol,england

vegan flapjack and a book (the pig who sang to the moon by jeffrey masson)...lovely

my mom's cat suzie,just chillin'

one of many pictures i took of the feral "farm" cats that my mom feeds,the one in the background,we know him/her as "pretty cat".my mom came up with that,which i think is cute:)pretty cat looks a tad zombified in this pic,thats catfood he/she has on her chin:)
this weekends charity shop treasures...

and i got this for sam...tis a little iron owl,to put a hot drink or teapot on i think...twit twoooooo<3

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  1. ARRGGGHH its all so amazing!!!

    i need it all! Give it all to me! I'll give you a shiny penny and make you risotto? huh!? huh?? :P xxx