Monday, 22 June 2009

feral cats...

they are so cute and awesome,they deserve an entry all of their own.bless their little souls,the farmer across from my moms refuses to feed them so they are starving and will catch and kill mice on the can be cruel bastards.there's a few cats around the area,sometimes they look okay,often they look skinny and their fur doesn't look great:(luckily my mom,and some other neighbours,feed them when they can.because they're feral they don't want strokes and affection,they want foooooood.but i do feel sad that these beautiful little creatures have nowhere they can curl up inside by the fire when it's cold and raining outside.they always nuzzle up to each other when they come up to my moms back door,its so cute to see.sometimes they even come in,which luckily my moms cat suzie doesn't see...she wouldn't be a happy kitty.

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