Thursday, 18 June 2009

shopping now vegan

i wish i had taken a pre veganism photo of my food shopping,but here's the new menu of shopping,and i'm loving it!

and considering how much of a sweet tooth i used to have (my months of tooth pain has put an end to that!),i am amazed at the lack of sweet stuff there!there's another area that veganism is benefitting me.the only biscuits i can usually buy now are oaty biscuits and ginger nuts.wanna hear how crazy my teeth and gums are?they are currently in agony from eating said ginger nuts...because they're hard,crunchy biscuits!oh dear!
this was the night sky as we were leaving tesco...pretty colours...kinda looks apocalyptic though?

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  1. yay! you got the cheese sauce. soooo good! xxx