Wednesday, 24 June 2009

oh, okkkkkkkk

i'm still in agony with my gums/lack of teeth.this must be near it's fourth or fifth month by now.countless dental appointments,emergency dental hospital appointments (one even when i went home for the weekend...and on fathers day!),lots of painkillers (which i'd rather not have to take because of the testing side of it,sigh),lots of tears,curling up in a ball,feeling shitty,snapping at mikee and being in awful pain.who'da thought teeth could do all this?even though i gave up chocolate long before i became vegan,i can't eat most sweets and don't anyway,hell i can't even have ginger nuts at the moment because they're too hard for my teeth...the pain is barely i went to the chemist to finally give clove oil a try,and it was shut,so i will have to try later.anyway,reading the wiki article above,i noticed that 1.i shouldn't have been drinking through a straw (which i have been),2.should have kept the socket covered with some kind of dressing (which i haven't) and 3.the contraceptive pill can contribute towards the condition of dry socket.i wasn't told any of this.pretty bad that i had to find out from wiki.all i can do is hope this pain goes away,because it's zapping my ability to smile and be halfway near cheery.


  1. oh gosh i had gotten dry socket when i got my wisdom teeth out, and my dentist never told me was the worst time. i had gotten so ill with it, that still to this day there are certain foods i cannot eat because it occurred around thanksgiving time, so i have major food aversion, one of which is tofurky...and its been almost 10 years since i got those damn teeth takin out!!!

  2. We have pain from them coming in ...pain when their in...then the pain to lose them all over again...Who's bright idea was it to have teeth in the first place? ..hope all's well soon

  3. ah me,sorry to hear you had a similar experience.i have had tooth/gum pain for months now and i really am starting to despair...every time i go to the dentists they never seem to have a reason for this pain.and thank you gingeyginge,you sweetie:) x