Friday, 30 July 2010

Light heartedness

After my post on that dark (and gross) Chuck P story Guts, I thought a nice cheery post of things I currently like would be fun :)

I love both Danzig and Michale Graves eras of Misfits <3

Hahahahaha! Ha! This made me laugh so much! I saw someone post on Facebook that a Titanic 2 was out (turns out it's a low budget, nothing-to-do-with-THE-Titanic, version) so I google image searched posters out of curiousity and this came up! I love how it's been made to look really sinister! I'm a huge Titanic fan (though haven't seen it for a long time) and this made me laugh a lot!

True Blood Season 3... WOW. It's just getting better and better. And I'm loving seeing all the characters from the books coming into it!

Back onto Leo again... He is really on fire at the moment! I used to adore him when I was younger (Titanic, Romeo and Juliet...). He seemed to disappear for a little while, but his last 2 films, Shutter Island and Inception are amazing. And he is just an amazing actor. Phew.

WIGS! I have been loving on wigs lately, though a little uneasy about actually wearing them... my hair extensions and hairpieces are kinda fake enough for me, so I think I will pass on wearing a wig. But they do look amazing, and I know my own hair will never look that good!

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