Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Ok, so... Eclipse (maybe don't read if you don't wanna see spoilers!)

Where do I start? Let's try this...

Eclipse was amazing, is amazing, amazes me in how amazing it is.

I saw it on the preview weekend (Saturday 2nd July)and then again on the Sunday just gone. I was absolutely blown away. It could not have been more perfect for me if it tried. I love Twilight. I love New Moon. I love Eclipse. David Slade did such an awesome job of it. Eclipse had darkness, it had humour, it had romance... and of course it had vampires and wolves.

I thought all the acting in it was amazing (though Taylor Lautner, Jacob, really stepped up his game). Not that he wasn't a brilliant Jacob before, but in Eclipse he is magnificent. I believe he is Jacob, and I believe all of his emotions.

The scenes between Jacob and Bella were stunning... and when Bella tells Jacob to kiss her... even the emotion in her voice was perfect. I still felt my heart break for Edward at that moment, what could be worse to know the person you love also loves someone else... even if they love you "more"?

Now I've come to write about my views on Eclipse, I can't really put it into words. How weird is that? Some people might think, "come onnnn... it's just a film!" But the Twilight films have a profound effect on me, I truly adore them and the books just as much. Films that I love, well I REALLY love them.

As a super crazed Twilight fan (hehe) I really can't recommend Eclipse enough... even for people not really into it.

Sigh.... <3


  1. I saw it over the weekend. Overall I thought it was a good movie, I think the book was way better though!