Tuesday, 10 March 2009

the teeth are still hurting

but on a good note,i have nine days off work to use up before the end of march!so that is freakin awesome!:)me and mikee and the boys are gonna go up to wolves and see my family :D which i can't wait for,and also hopefully go to london for the day which is something we've not done together yet!we're always cardiff based so it will be nice to be out and about.bringing the junko to london baby,haha.
so anyway,the teeth...yesterday i had to have three fillings,two of those being hugely deep (acording to the dentist lady).my teeth were in AGONY over the weekend so i was so relieved to be getting them seen to.the dentist injected my gums lots and fuck,it hurt!almost had tears rolling down my face:( once they were done she warned they may actually come out as they are SO deep,she really emphasised the deep part,and if that happened that she would have to take them out.now i don't want the pain of that but more than anything i don't want to lose any more teeth yet...i already have enough gaps:( so i'm gonna try extra hard to eat better.my new love is yogurt.cherry,vanilla,raspbery,yogurt with muesli...nomnomnom.strawberry is okay,but too conventional tasting if that makes sense?so no more chocolate bars for me!i think cake may be okay as it's soft?i always say i'm gonna take better care of my teeth but this time i've gotta stick to it!teeth pain sucks :/
after the dentist we decided to go for a little wander in penarth.we were gonna go to the beach but it was cold and chilly...and there were charity shops to go and rummage around!mikee found some good stuff,including a gravy train cd,which is such a random find in an oxfam!it's like when he found a scarling ep in one of the charity shops near crwys/albany road!i didn't find any pretty clothes,but i got a book called the house of leaves.i thought i recognised the name and i was indeed right...it's the book that the (now finished) band johnny truant (whom i LOVE and am gutted called it a day)named themselves after one of the characters.i wonder if the tattoo artist called johnny truant got it from there also?hmmmm.i also saw a bootiful japanese tea set (cups and saucers,milk jug,teapot...all china i think,so delicate)that i wanted but £15 seemed a bit much,especially as i was scared i'd drop and break them,they were so fragile!
after the charity shop pillaging we popped to blockbuster,where it was 4 for £10 dvds:D this made me happy!i got funny games (us),the exorcism of emily rose,saw V,and disturbia.i saw the exorcism of emily rose while eating my tea last night (which was meat free meatballs,fresh egg pasta,mushroom sauce and melted cheese,nummy...the doggy's nummed it too!)and it was AWESOME!it had deb from dexter in it<3 and tom wilkinson,who i loved in the last kiss and eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.the film was so creepy but not cheesy,and the possession was scary!but awesome scary!i loved it<333
so my day was great yesterday,apart from getting home at dinnertime to not see the poo the two little men had done,so when i opened my bedroom door it smeared it all over the carpet!cleaning up dogpoo is not fun at all,the smell was horrendous!i am definitely gonna be more cautious next time i enter my bedroom!

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