Wednesday, 11 March 2009

ouch ouch ouch,another tooth down?

think i'm gonna have to have this tooth yanked out,it is still hurting!and i am still having to dose up on ibuprofen before i eat at times:( really makes you feel dad has always said to me,when me and my mom haven't got on,that her arthritus probably affects her moods terribly.he compares it to having toothache all the time.and this makes me feel awful,because i can't handle this pain in my teeth let alone all my body!so when i'm in pain,i usually feel worse because i think of my mom:( silent hill 2 game is faulty!it freezes a matter of minutes into the game:( the same happened with silent hill 3.damn ebay!so i've had my playstation 2 for a couple of weeks now and not really played on it much.i have project zero,which is a game where you are a japanese girl searching for her missing brother in this creepy old house.spirits attack you and you have only a camera to defend take a picture of them and it weakens is quite spooky and creepy but a little slow moving at the moment,not got very far...:/ on the other hand mikee is making good use of the ps2,he brough 3 GTA games yesterday and is enjoying laying carnage on innocent computer game people!
me and mikee are getting on so well lately:D we usually do,but our relationship is just getting better.i love him so fucking much,yesterday we popped for a quick drink to the buffalo bar in town with mikee's friend tom,and on the way back,as mikee and tom were walking in front of me and talking,i literally just though "wow,i love mikee so much."and i also noticed how hot he is!for me,he is perfect and i love it.i feel pretty darn lucky.and and and...he brought me an armless doll yesterday from the charity shop!<3apparently the woman asked him why he wanted to buy it (as she had no arms...creepy dolly discrimination?) and he said his girlfriend liked things like that,hehe:) she has a little red hood on her head and a cute little dress.she has crazy eyes and her head rattles when you shake it.she looks pretty vintage and old!i LOVE her!
oh and i emailed amanda toy yesterday to see if she was taking bookings for the london convention this year.wonder if i'll hear from her?