Thursday, 12 March 2009


so my work blocked myspace (and facebook and msn,which i don't use anyhow) this sucks!even though when i do go online at home after work i can usually see that i've not missed anything,i still miss being able to check my myspace at work :( no lurking anymore between the hours of 9 and 5,bleh :S
i got another ps2 game today :D looks good and creepy!and apparently there's a dog in it<3

had another go on project zero last night and it did infact give me a few jumpy moments,which was fun!just stuck on a part know that involves either blagging through it and guessing the order of the japanese symbols to open the door...or just finding a cheat for it.i'm guessing option number two will be the best:)
i brought a lovely dress on ebay,got my payslip today and i have juts a little more than i thought so treated myself:) it was only £20 anyway,but it's still a lot for me to spend on one item when i could buy a few things at primark for that!it's a size 12 though,so we'll see if it fits.besides having the figure of a 12 year old boy,i still have trouble fitting into dresses,and even though other people think i'm fairly slim,i now find that i'm at least a size 12.which i'm fine with,but sometimes i see busty,curvy women who are the same dress size...and that's odd.

and lastly,i'd quite like a new tattoo....
was thinking last night of messaging eckel and asking if he could a wolf on the opposite side of my neck where he put my riding hood lady on...he's meant to be at the london convention.but i really don't know if i want that pain again for a very longtime.and infront of many people.
i LOVE this!"du-du-duhhh"

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  1. haha I've never seen that clip! its awesome!!! xxx