Monday, 16 March 2009


so after bailing out on seeing jo on thursday,and feeling pretty shit about it,i decided that i should definitely go with mikee to the active slaughter gig at the junction,in far as i knew they weren't really my kinda music,but i thought it'd be nice to go out we set out for bristol just after seven,as the doors opened at 8 and we thought the first band would probably be on at half 8.bristol is a hard place to find your way around!we were trying to follow the directions mikee got off google maps,and they kinda worked (we got to bristol city centre at least) but then we couldn't really figure the rest out,it didn't seem to correlate with the actual roads!so as mikee knew where to go from the fleece and firkin,we parked up there and walked the rest,which we also had to ask directions for!we had to walk through a dodgy subway area,and the area made me a little nervous as it looked a little rough,and mikee had been telling me on the car journey there about how rough bristol can be at night!anyway,we got to the junction okay and already playing were a band called two sick monkeys,who we'd seen before at tommy's bar in howard gardens in cardiff.i have to say i felt so out of place,as everyone there was patched up and very punk looking.and a lot of people seemed to know one another!situations like this bring the shyness out in me and i felt like everyone there was thinking,whats she doing here?!silly,i know.but it was also good to see that a lot of people had animal rights patches on.was real heartwarming!rejected were due to play next but apparently active slaughter wanted to play before them as they had to travel afterwards or something.remember i said i probably wouldn't like them?i really enjoyed the gig!they are well known supporters of animal liberation and are animal rights activists.their passion really made it an intense show,i loved them!their guitarist JJ is due in court soon to be charged for conspiracy against Huntington Life really is fucking awful!these kind of charges can mean a sentence in prison longer than that of rapists or killers!!!!up after active slaughter,were rejected,who mikee knows turned out to be a fun night,and afterwards mikee seemed dead happy:D always nice to see him smile,i love him so fucking much!
mikee watching active slaughter

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