Tuesday, 5 May 2009

ebay goodness!

i got a few little goodies delivered at work today...(i love that as i am receptionist i can open the post and not feel bad that three million parcels come in,though they are usually mikee's)

first of all,an awesomely funny anarcho magazine for mikee.class war is pretty darn old now,but it's forever relevant,thanks to the idiots in control,here in the uk and all over the world.

i also got my religious icons from russia,one is wooden and the other a tiny little brass one.will look good in the flat i think!

also got a few of the goodies i brought to make my dia de los muertos mini shrines.i'm still waiting for my fimo clay to arrive,and a specially crafted mini shrine box off etsy:)i really hope i can do the idea justice,as i love anything day of the dead/mexican themed and i love being creative.
i got a super tacky photo frame also,one of those where you can put little photos in of your family etc...so i really should get some prints done off my camera phone folders.the frame is a little grotesque,but i'm sure i can put it somewhere with my other frames:)

i saw this cute little deer stamp going for just 99p,it's basically just the rubber outline,so i will need to just superglue it onto a little block of wood or something.and then when i draw pictures i actually feel happy with,i can stamp and initial/date 'em.and i love anything deer related!!!hence the next purchase...

i just couldn't resist!
and lastly,my poster from america came.i love ordering things off the calabrese site,because 1.they're an amazing band,you won't find a much better horror punk around and (i'm gonna blaspheme here) i'd go so far to say i prefer them to the misfits,as much as i love them.gasp!!!!2.they also sign the delivery note which i think is a sweet touch.and lastly,they stuck some cool stickers and a badge in there which was awesome.especially as i only paid $14.99 ish for a poster and the shipping.

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