Monday, 18 May 2009

fuck animal murder

i was just googling "deer" for a drawing i plan to do.and some photos of deer hunters and their "prizes" came up.i cannot begin to tell you of the rage i feel for these people.that they are sitting there holding onto a beautiful animal they have just killed,and they're looking so fucking proud of themselves,it is beyond awful.i can't tell you how much i loathe animal makes me want bad things to happen to these people.because how can you kill an animal?i don't approve of meat eating but i see peoples argument when they say at least there's something to come from it(,but hunting for sport...humans are the fucking scum of the earth.


  1. ahhhh, i hate that :( we get alot of that herem in redneck country. it's awful and so sad. i'm not SO against it, if someone'es life depends on it... case in point, back in the day, the plains indians would utilize everything and then thank mother earth for the animal spirit. they honoured the animala... but today... ack, my blood boils as well darling.
    we shall join the elite hunt club yes? pretty bloodhound tattoosies and all :D mwahhaha xxxxx

  2. I just moved to washington state. I hear hunters everyday and I hate it.